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  1. http://hothardware.com/News/Verizon-Patent-Helps-Deliver-Relevant-Ads-By-Eavesdropping-Conversations/ This is the kind of thing I am talking about. All I know is, the technology is there, and I know that Firefox's Google Play app used to say that you are giving permission for them to record audio and use your camera without further requests for permission from you. I can see why Evernote would say they could use your recording equipment, either audio or video, if app users will want to use Evernote on their own to record such things. I can't see why a browser such as Firefox would need such permission, especially blanket permission to use it without letting you know. Just be careful what you agree to. I did contact Evernote directly, Gazumped, and you are right, the record features are there to be used at my instruction. Evernote doesn't record anything on its own.
  2. Thank you, Gazumped. I do think you're right but I will double-check using a support ticket. I appreciate the help!
  3. Yes, EverCrow, companies have already expressed an interest in this, so that they can gear advertising to the things you are talking about. I personally don't understand why anyone would agree to let Firefox or anyone else record audio and video without your permission, but that is what anyone using the Firefox app through Google is agreeing to. Why would Firefox want to use my camera? The bigger question is, why would I let them?
  4. Hi, I have Evernote on all of my computers and wanted to add it to my Nook through the Google Play Store. Why does the app say that Evernote needs access to "Hardware controls, record audio, take pictures and video"? I did not install Firefox on the Nook because you have to give permission for Firefox to record audio and take pictures and video with your device without your further consent. This is not exactly what the Evernote permission states you are doing,but I want to be clear that I am not giving permission for any company to record anything from my device. The Nook doesn't have a camera so that is not an issue, but I do not want to give permission to record audio, either. Is this permission needed only for the use of the app, in that it gives permission for ME to record myself and store it on Evernote, or is it giving Evernote permission to randomly record whatever may be happening near my device? Thanks - I won't install the app until I understand what I am agreeing to!
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