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  1. I've seen it, but I set most all that was shared with the company to view and edit, the idea being they could respond to requests/tasks. But if they do, it leads to the problem we seem to have. I guess I could make it view only and have them respond via another channel, but that's not much better than what we had before. I'm also about to run out of post count for the day being a new user.
  2. Shairing I've got, I've shared all the business notebooks with my business users. We have a big pile of notebooks we can all choose to join, or not, but now as management or sales-guy, I give a task to one of these notebooks/users, and it's just there. Unless I remember (haha) every task I gave and go back and check every one of them, they never come up on my radar again.
  3. Hmm, I don't even see permissions anywhere. Desktop client, windows.
  4. Have not looked at permissions but I will shortly.
  5. We've been using business at work now for a week or two, still fiddling with it, but there is a glairing deffeciency or two for our usage scenario. I was hoping more experienced users could either suggest another product or a better way to make this one work for us. We are a small company, under a dozen people usually. We have sales staff, fullfilment staff, shipping staff. The issue is basically if I put a note on a notebook belonging to one of the fullfilment staff, there is no way for me to get a response from that note, or an alert that a reply was made or that it was updated, and if I do happen across it again I can't tell who typed what. That sounds sorta simplistic, but it's a big deal. It looks to me like evernote just isn't made\ to be used that way, it's very good at what it does, but unless I'm missing something this just isn't the sort of thing it does. Thoughts/suggestions? thanks...
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