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  1. I have done the same, but it does nothing for the horizontal view. Totally agree. I just don't understand why the left bar can't pop-out when pulled from the left or moved to the bottom. I very much dislike much of 8.0. I very much agree with what you stated. After the "privacy" issue a few weeks ago, I was intent on moving to OneNote since we are Office 365 users and very much Microsoft Office centered in our office, but wanted to give this another shot. I think the interface is a bit cleaner and could be argued that it is more "2017," but I very much dislike the addition of
  2. Thank you Evernote for the update. I saw all the marketing regarding this new update, but I must be missing something. The only iOS device I own is a iPad Pro 9.7 and on this version, why would someone want their screen real estate taken up by this left-margin gray bar that only holds five icons. Is it not possible to hide this bar and just drag it out when needed? Secondly, the list of notes is now way too large. At least for me, it takes up way too much horizontal room and doesn't leave as much room to view the actual note content. I've been a premium user for many years and just underst
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