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  1. He simply stated that he wanted it as well. It is something that needs to happen and is quite possible. I mean this is a "Feature Request" forum and that is what you are supposed to do, to help prioritize requests.
  2. There are excuses, but not good reasons. Many companies have have made the change, with software just as complex. Having worked in development for 30 years I can tell you that while yes, it is not easy, that there is no excuse for not having it done by now. I know several want to defend Evernote, for some reason, but the fact is they are falling behind.
  3. It is just sad that many Evernote competitors have been able to get dark mode. I love Evernote, which is why I want them to keep up in this area.
  4. Yeah it is pretty sad when even Outlook now supports dark mode. If you are slower than Outlook, you are barely moving.
  5. No it is not a free program. It has a free version, but that version has limits. Many pay for it, like me.
  6. This is a very annoying issue that has been around for a long time. If your system is in a domain you can't delete the icon, even if you have admin rights.If I log into the system with a local admin account then I can. Honestly Evernote should not replace the icon every time it gets updated.
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