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  1. The new update of evernote seems to have made changes to the 'copy note link' feature. The new version of this seems to provide a link to the web evernote vs. the local installed version. Is there an alternate now to get the local filesystem based link to open the entry the locally installed version of evernote? There are a number of problems here: 1. The assumption that an internet connection exists to resolve against the EN site. This is simply just a wrong assumption. 2. The desire to interact not with the web service of EN but the locally installed version of EN is now taken way. There is not even a link on the web site that allows opening up the note in the local EN. 3. The web site version presented is the read only version. What?? please bring back the earlier functionality. I'm not sure what the problem that was that needed to be solved, but this new behavior brings an even bigger set of problems. aa
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