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  1. Windows 10 OS Hey, got it. Tapping brought up a toolbar and below was a wand, tapped "simplify format" and am back in business. Appreciate very much. Has happened before, but have no idea how. Best regards, Paul in Wellington, ON
  2. This has happened a couple of time. I load Evernote, go to a particular Note, and it's magically in HTML format. So am unable to "Edit" the note. Can anyone tell me how I managed to convert this Note to HTML, and how can I convert it back to a Text document so I can Edit? Thank you.
  3. Thanks for that gazumped. I do use Lastpass. What I do in EN for example, is save the master password for Lastpass, and other info in a central location. I'll try copying all the html info and paste into a new note. Regards from Wellington Ontario.
  4. My main "Note" is mostly passwords. When I open my "Passwords Main" note, it is inside a Box titled, HTML Content. A "hand" appears, content is all "selected" I am unable to bring up a keyboard to add, or edit this particular note. This is a recent phenomenon, have been using Evernote since 2012. Thanks any suggestioons.
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