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  1. Thank you very much gbarry for the update, will this also eventually be an option on the Windows and OSX clients? I know Phil mentioned the IOS clients would take a bit longer to fix. Also, a HUGE THANK'S to Phil Liben the Evernote CEO for helping to resolve this! Phil actually reached out to me *personally* and provided me with his cell number to call and talk about this problem and surprisingly Phil had no knowledge this footer was even being included and he agreed 100% that the addition of it to outgoing emails was wrong and he told me "I'll make this right and you WILL have the option to remove this footer just give me a bit of time" Phil and I had spoke the evening of April 16th 2014 and you can see now that he followed through completely and *listened* to his customers, in the end I didn't *overreact* by bringing this up and in fact I had a very valid point that this was wrong and should not be happening, even the Evernote CEO agreed it was wrong. Its one thing if a person is using Evernote for personal use and sharing notes and the footer doesn't matter but I am using it for business use also and I work for a very large corporation and I told Phil who I am employed with and he probably realized that sharing my Evernote's dailyand speaking in a good light about Evernote(and potentially getting thousands more employees to use it) and it being a excellent product to use in our company for a certain group is better than me not using it at all or not recommended it to a huge workforce of almost 100k simply because of a silly footer. Some people don't realize that certain companies due to *very* strict security policies don't allow footers with links that are not work related or require encrypted communications and stuff that normal corporations don't really care about. Actually no, when you pay for Evernote Premium you have every right to ask them to include services and features because its our recurring subscriptions that pay for all Evernote employees wages including the Evernote developer and the CEO and if the end user never suggests what is right and wrong with Evernote eventually another product would come along offering the same or better as well as listening to both complaints and suggestions. As I mentioned Phil Liben the Evernote CEO told me he had absolutely no idea whatsoever this was happening because he himself did not use the email feature and when I told him about it he did agree it was wrong and would be removed and when I said it was "no different than spam" he agreed 100% and said it was an oversight or old code and it has existed for a long time and he thanked me for bringing it up and pushing beyond my forum comments to *support* multiple times to get this resolved. Again I thank Phil for actually asking me to call him at his personal number during the evening when he was at home and talking about this for about 20 minutes and assuring me he was personally taking care of it, seriously how many CEO's give out their number to a user complaining about something? Not many and that day my love of Evernote got even larger and I totally have the highest respect for Phil and the developers for taking this seriously and getting rid of the footers and giving us the option to turn them off. Thank you!
  2. Exactly, I have already stated that I contacted support yet this troll continues on so I will just ignore her and move on. Feel free to close this thread as support has my ticket and chirmer has nothing more to contribute except to throw more gas on the fire.
  3. Um... yes it does. It has everything to do with being thorough. When you go back to the articles you "tested", the footer's there, yes? So, you missed it. Being more thorough would mean you would have caught it. I was trying to avoid saying it flat-out, but well, there it is. It seems to me like you're frustrated and embarrassed you've been sending things from Evernote and didn't catch the email sig before your boss called you out on it. I can understand that. But it's not Evernote's fault you missed it. It's just an unfortunate occurrence that could have been prevented by actually reading all the way through your tested articles. Absolutely yes, anything that behaves inconsistently is considered a bug. Developers don't usually program features to happen randomly, especially a feature that is integrated across all platforms (I'm assuming - while I can't test them all, the ones I have at my fingertips all do it). FWIW I tested the web version and emailed myself 10 notes, and all 10 had the signature attached, so I'd check either your network or file a support ticket to work out why yours is inconsistent. I'm sorry we're not as fervently furious with Evernote as you are over this feature. At least now you know it's there and can pursue other avenues of sending that information. Evernote support is great - I hope you get a solution to your problem. A network problem would cause the footer to appear sometimes and not others? You obviously have no understanding of network technology and making a statement like that is pretty laughable. Are you a programmer? I can tell as someone who does program that developers do indeed program things to happen randomly if they choose and because the code gets compiled neither you or I can prove it so don't comment on networking stuff if all you know about it is configuring your router for wifi or sending a few files via ftp, this has nothing to do with networking for it to appear sometimes and not others and for you to even make a comment like that is pretty laughable. What do you want me to do record a screencast of me doing this 10 times and it happening to prove it? It seems you just keep coming back and throwing gas on the fire when really you should run along and practice your graphics skills or something productive if you can't contribute anything productive to this thread. When you say "I'm sorry we're not as fervently furious with Evernote as you are over this feature." Who exactly are you referring too? You're actually the ONLY one who has commented previously other jefito and he didn't make any wise comments or try to make the situation worse. Their is no "We're" in this thread and its simply been you and I and its obvious you have nothing better to do. BurgersNFries I am not shirking responsibility and sent two emails and did not see it likely due to the colour of the fonts and not expecting it to be there, it did not show up in the box where I typed my message so I assumed what I was sending was only the article and what I typed in the box and nothing more, as a matter of fact I went through the preferences and seen no mention at all of signatures so I did not think anything would be added. ​When I sent the emails to myself and checked them I liked what I seen and scrolled down and thought "All looks good" but I guess I DID miss the footer that was injected at the bottom as the font colour is grey and green and I admit I may have only scrolled 75% of the page but again these were very large one page articles. ----------------------- Evernote helps you remember everything and get organized effortlessly. Download Evernote. ----------------------- **Does note display in same font here as it does in emails Here's the footer thats added, if Evernote is adding it and their is no option in the preferences to remove it then why not put it in the small pop-up box where I type my message content? It's obvious to me that Evernote actually want to add it to all emailed article otherwise they would provide an option to remove it in preferences or have it shown in the pop-up box for me to know its being added but they don't. So why does Evernote hide that they are attaching it to the footer and why not make it obvious and show it in the pop-up where I type the content and I will decide if I want to advertise for them? I think its more than obvious why but imho it's wrong and comes across as being spam. They are adding it after I compose my email and send it and its at that point the advertising is added unknown to the sender, its would be no different that someone using Twitter and every tweet they make some advertising is added without the person knowing it. You can say all you want about someone thoroughly checking to make sure thats it not being added but in reality we are getting way off track and the problem remains the same. Evernote is adding the footer shown above to the bottom of emails sent without warning the user and with no option to remove it thats what this thread is about, its not about me being thorough and making sure its there its about the topic of this thread and I came here hoping to resolve this and have Evernote possibly comment on this but thus far they haven't. I have filed a support ticket and this is the reply I got "I will definitely pass this feedback along to our development team. We really do value all feedback and I appreciate your patience while we make Evernote the best possible product. Please let me know if you have any questions. Regards, Evan A Evernote Theo - Mar 07 We want to let you know that we are looking into this issue, we will contact you back as soon as possible. chrimer I really have nothing more I need from you for input in this thread as you are not helping the situation at all, I have contacted Evernote and have a support ticket and don't need to waste anymore time with you so move along now.
  4. And you must not have read mine, read post #4 where I clearly mention " I did actually test sending a few emails to myself however they were long articles and I never even noticed the footer way at the bottom, it was not until the other day when my employer mentioned did I even realize their was a problem and an unwanted signature was being added with no warning and no option to disable." When I sent a few emails testing as I mentioned they were long articles and I obviously didn't see the footer otherwise I would not have kept sending emails with that method, this has nothing to do with being thorough and you emoticon at the end of your comment is obvious you are making a smug comment so if you have nothing worthwhile to add then don't, I thoroughly test many things used in professional settings and I'm not some newb so don't make comments to insult my intelligence implying I don't properly test things and then add an emoticon thinking your being witty because you're not and you come off more as a troll than actually trying to help with the problem. How can you be so sure its a bug when its inconsistent with the web version? Unless your an Evernote developer you can only assume that and have no direct knowledge of whats going on and to claim they will look into it is about as valid as them saying in 2009 they would fix the problem. Perhaps they are doing it this way intentionally but you really have no idea and just because its inconsistent does not always mean its a bug. I also hope I find the answer I am looking for.
  5. Actually it does. When you buy Evernote Premium, you buy the services they offer. You don't get to make up ones you think they should include as if it means anything. Evernote, both free and Premium, have this footer in sent emails, and your purchase of Premium means nothing in regards to this. Sorry! Okay, so if you use a service to send emails, you check the signature, but if you use Evernote to send emails, you don't? Why not? You just assumed you knew exactly how the sent email would be formatted based on... what standards, exactly? No email client sends mail the same way, so why did you come into Evernote and send mail as if it has standards to uphold? Also, are there some standards for Premium services that every software company adheres to? Last time I checked, every service I pay Premium for has different gains from the service. I don't understand why you think it's common sense that Evernote do this or that, as same with email clients, every premium service is different. As I said, I agree with you that it'd be nice if it were an option that Premium subscribers can disable the sig. What I don't agree with is the notion that Evernote's cheating, scamming, or tricking us when it's very clearly there, and has been for years, in plain sight. Nowhere in their Premium benefits do they list you can remove it. The indignity or outrage is, IMHO, unwarranted. In AppleMail and Airmail I check both and see the signature, Evernote however hides this signature...why? Why not clearly show the signature is being added? Actually almost every email client sends email the same way using the same ports with the exception of SSL ports and if they do add signatures to email they ALLOW you to see it and also allow you to add your own! You correct every service that is premium offers different things but logically one would think if they are paying for Premium they should not have to advertise for Evernote in every email, thats the way I see it and if you don't I cannot change your views. You are very correct that nowhere in their premium benefits do they list you can remove it, though they also neglect to mention they are adding it to each email after you pay for Premium. Also when I told you the web version didn't add this footer..well I was wrong and using Chrome browser on OSX if you try sending various articles to your email you will see that only *some* of the articles get the footer added while others don't...now why is that? Is this a bug or is this intentional? Neither you or I know if they are doing this intentionally to inject advertising into emails but why is it I can send 10 articles from the web version and about 4 out of the ten contain the footer while others don't? I'm not saying Evernote is cheating or scamming us and *never* did however tricking us I would say they are...if your are going to add a footer to an email in the web version then why not add it 100% of the time? If you are not tricking us with the OSX client then why not clearly display the footer in the popup box when I type the message content so I know its being added instead of hiding it? If you don't called this "trickery" or at all being a bit misleading then what exactly is it? Why all the hiding of adding the footer AFTER I type and send the email and why not just show it in the popup? Why when sending from the web does it not add the footer all the time? Yesterday I sent two emails from the web version and no footer was added so I reported that here...today I sent 10 email from the web interface with Chrome OSX and 4 of the emails had the footers...so this is a bug right? If its a bug, I tested with Safari browser also and it happens with Safari and only some of the emails I send with an article get the footer while others do not. Btw I have also added a support ticker #395233 and lets see if Evernote replies to this at all and acknowledges whats happening and if they intend to fix it. Chrimer I'm not hear to argue with you, I'm a paying customer and do not feel I should have to advertise for Evernote to send an email from any of the clients and if you don't see the branding as unprofessional thats your view, I on the other hand see it as looking unprofessional and so does my employer and external links in emails that have nothing to do with the subject at hand are frowned upon and I am using this as a business customer and not for sending articles to a friend where it would not matter as much but regardless why should my outgoing emails from Evernote be altered in any way behind my back and the action be hidden? Plain and simple If Evernote were not trying to hide they are doing this then why not have the footer show up in the email popup on all clients or at the very least have the option to remove it. As mentioned previously I am not the only one who has complained and won't be the last, feel free to search the forums and you will see this issue has been brought up more than once and Evernote has said they would remove the footers in 2009 so I am not sure why you are even arguing it, its just wrong.
  6. It seems this will be my only option and I will submit a feature request and hope that Evernote actually does implement the feature, personally I used the OSX client the most as well as my iPhone and both include the footer. I have not confirmed it also does this on Windows as I use my Window's VM's strictly for programming related work with no other apps loaded if not needed. I can understand totally that Evernote may have thought this was a good idea at the time when they first added it but the product has matured and their really is no reason, I have used Evernote on and off since around 2008 or 2009 and talk highly of it to everyone I meet as its a good product and really my only complaint at this time is the email footer, everything else works pretty smooth for me. I don't just use Evernote for collecting data and also using Devonthink Pro and can sync data just like Evernote however the emailing option is not good and it only sends a URL which because of the company I work for the people I send collected data to will not visit the sites for security reasons so I sorta rely on being able to send full articles, your probably wondering how I sent things in the past? A variety of ways but one of my fav's was using Safari OSX and the built in RSS function that allowed me to export the pages and email them however somehow it broke late last year and I've come back to Evernote hoping for a solution. Don't get wrong I like Evernote alot and the email problem is the only thing at this time that I have a problem with, if I didn't like Evernote as much as I do I wouldn't have paid for premium again or posted a thread the other day asking about scanners and basically deciding with recommendations to buy the Evernote model simply for compatibility sake. I will open a ticket and ask Evernote to fix this across all platforms as its important in my opinion and if its not on the web version their really is no reason then to have it on any other clients. *Also in case anybody is assuming I am a new user, my current username is a new one because for whatever reason I could not use my old username I've had for alot longer and emailed discussion@evernote.com and it bounced so I had no other choice but to make a new username. I also notice intermittent problems with Google Chrome on OSX with the login...some days it works others it doesn't. Again I tried to email Evernote with the email I found and the mail bounced when sending to this address discussion@evernote.com which it gave me when login failed. I assume this is the email that is used to report forum problems and if not they should update it.
  7. Sorry but I disagree that I am overreacting at all, I paid for a premium account and do not believe that means I agree to all outgoing emails emails with branding. I have tested out Evernote but as an example with iDevices or lets say Airmail I immediately look at the signature and every other option and when I installed Apple Mail or AirMail both have options for signatures that are clearly visible and they CAN be removed, this is totally different and you are not shown this signature Evernote is injected and thier are no options anywhere at all so why would I even think it's being included if I am paying for premium? In the box that pops up to send the email, why not have that signature *clearly* visible when a person is sending the mail and typing text into the text box or why not allow the sent email to open in an external client? Well its more than obvious Evernote doesn't want it to be simple to remove the signature without jumping through hoops or they would clearly have it shown in the popup, the clearly hide it and then inject into the mail in the background which I think is basically what one would call "dirty pool" to put it lightly. Almost every premium product where you have a free version, the free version has ad's and then you pay money and the premium removes the ad's, why should this be any different? I did actually test sending a few emails to myself however they were long articles and I never even noticed the footer way at the bottom, it was not until the other day when my employer mentioned did I even realize their was a problem and an unwanted signature was being added with no warning and no option to disable. While your workplace may use Evernote across the board, mine does not and my employer who pays me doesn't like it, my only option is to basically not use it and lose what I consider a key feature or use the workaround and copy/paste and then manually remove the footer but really...should I even need to do this as a paying customer? I'm sure I can make something with Hazel and TextExpander and band-aid stuff together to do all this when I want to send an article but again..as paying customers should we have to be removing Evernote footers? Their really is no reason why we should not be allowed to remove it if we choose not to have it. Evernote really needs to allow Premium users who pay and are willing to commit to their product the option of removing the signature, it may seem to some that this is a non-issue but you can search and find people asking for this to be removed and and Evernote employee mentioned the web version it was removed and indeed the Web version of Evernote does not attach a signature so why does my desktop application? Does this make sense at all? Here is an Evernote employee commenting in September 2009 which is about 4 1/2 years ago confirming the web version does not have the footer but they plan to update the Windows and Mac version though it might take a bit, well I think 4+ years perhaps they should consider addressing this for Premium users and feel free to leave it turned on by default but at the very least be considerate of your premium users who work for large corporations and could possibly bring you even more business if Evernote does not have this branding. http://imgur.com/94ZbvEw
  8. I have just searched and realized people have actually been asking to have this removed for years! Basically Evernote it comes across as very unprofessional in the line of work I am in sending branding emails of any kind and would be similar to me using Hotmail or Yahoo account for work and its not acceptable at all. I signed up for Premium which said nothing about "Premium with a footer on emails you can't remove", why not just have the articles I intend to send open in my default email client? Yes I do realize I could email the document to myself and copy and paste into yet another email and then remove the footer and send but why should I have to do this if I am paying for PREMIUM service? At this point I am seriously just considering cancelling my subscription and also forgetting about buying the Evernote scanner I asked about yesterday if I have to constantly worry that at any time you will inject your advertising into my emails or worse, I haven't tested printing my articles but let me guess...at the bottom of all of them they will have "Evernote" or mention of it...really this is ridiculous and is unprofessional on so many levels! Also sometimes when I send articles I will also attach a .zip file but with your method it makes this impossible to do because I am using your popup which hides any clue you are branding my emails, I've actually was sending out emails the last few days of articles to my employer and then he just emailed me back and said that sending these links in our corporate emails is NOT ACCEPTABLE and to make matters worse I probably had sent 20+ emails using this method and only within the last hour did I realize this was happening behind my back. With email clients I can remove the signature they include by default, same goes with my iDevices I can remove the "Sent from my iPhone" line if I so choose and of course their are those who just leave it but personally if I am paying you for a premium service then you should NOT be injected your links into my emails and if you simply refuse to even consider removing this then it shows you have no concern for those who use your service in a corporate setting. In 2009 elsewhere on the forums on of your employees mentioned an option to remove this advertising footer would be made, we are now in 2014 and its still not available to remove? As mentioned at this time I am considering asking for a refund if this can't be removed and would never in good conscience recommend this to anybody I do corporate work with if Evernote believes this practice is acceptable. Its one thing for me to be on your mailing list but quite another when you are adding your advertising to my emails I am sending without any warning at all, its actually quite rude also that by default you don't include the option to remove this almost like you don't really care that I have agreed to possibly be a customer for life and entrust you with my data and also buy your scanner but honestly why would I continue purchasing Premium if it means I have to allow you to inject SPAM into all my emailed articles...simply not acceptable Evernote. Imagine companies with 1000's of employees who might consider using your product until they realize they can't remove that footer..well I'm with one of those companies with 1000's of employees that you would know well and if you want to private message me about it feel free but I think your tactics of injecting advertising into emailed articles is all wrong and won't help you gain many customers in a corporate setting for this very reason and I personally will never promote your service the same if it can't be removed. Thanks for listening and I hope someone from Evernote actually takes the time to reply and explain why since 2009 this has not been addressed or implemented, likely 95% of your Premium users won't even bother to disable but for those like myself and many others I seen complain after I searched *after* making my first post are not happy with this and you need to address it and not just blow it off like its not a big deal, it is with large corporations.
  9. Hello, when I create articles with Evernote and then email them to someone else within my company at the bottom of all emails they have a footer that says. Evernote helps you remember everything and get organized effortlessly. Download Evernote. I would like to remove this footer from my business communications and being that I am a Premium account purchaser I would think this is possible? I looked in the options and it seems their is no way for me to remove this? I can understand Evernote might want to promote their product however this is wrong and I sent a few email like this and my employer asked me this morning not to included these links in my emails however I had no idea it was even happening as I didn't choose the "CC" option so when I did CC myself and see this I was rather disappointed that Evernote was sneaking in this footer without my permission. Please give me the option of removed this footer if I don't want it, I recommend your product all the time and have come back after leaving for awhile and will keep recommending it but this sort of advertising being added to all my outgoing emails or articles comes across as spam plain and simple, please provide the option for Premium users who pay for your product to remove this as my employer has already complained. Thank you
  10. It seems as though the iX1500 is the model used to make the custom Evernote edition and as well the Evernote model would be best suited to working with Evernote. Basically I would prefer it does as much as possible and identifying documents, receipts and photographs and filling them into the right notebooks is with the price alone. I was offered a S1500 for $300 new and while it seems like a good deal I think the Evernote edition for a couple hundred more would be better in my situation and as for cost its more of a business write-off later, I just have to pay for it now..haha. I also have considered purchasing the iX1500 however if the Evernote model is the same BUT also has extra software to make it work even better with Evernote which is my primary use for it then its a no brainer it seems to purchase this model, I already own a Canon flat bed scanner and with the amount of receipts I get monthly its would be a nightmare to do them all individually and I am finding more and more its harder to find receipts and I am starting to hate saving *certain* receipts on a cork board in case we have to return...having them archived with a tag to make them easy to find would make a world of difference. Its doubtful I will get the S1500 I have been offered for that price, if it was a iX1500 I would consider it even more however if I'm gonna pay full price I might as well get the Evernote version and get ALL the Evernote features I can shake a stick at PLUS a free years premium which is I think another $45 saving so in the end its worth it for the convenience. The scanner is pricey but honestly I pay for expensive tools and gear for other work I do because simply put, the cheap stuff can't get the job done as good and I have learned over many years to just buck up and pay if it truly does work. Thanks again for all you info about the the scanners and I plan to purchase soon and get these thousands of documents and receipts under control once and for all! The wife tells me stores won't accept photocopied receipts however I think they are obligated to and I would argue until the end, either way its better to have a digital copy than absolutely no copy at all should a person have a fire of something.
  11. Hello, can someone please confirm that a Fujitsu ScanSnap S1500 will work for with OSX Mavericks and Evernote? Also, what exactly is the difference between the Evernote model of the scanner and the Fujitsu models? I asked someone in a live chat yesterday and she told me they have a different software loaded in them but I find that sorta hard to believe and would like other users to confirm the S1500 works fine and is not really any different and if it does work different please let me know. I can get a deal on a S1500 and while I do know the iX1500 is the newer model and the S1500 is no longer supported thats fine...does the S1500 still work fine with OSX and Evernote and is their ANY features the Evernote model offers that makes it work better than the S1500 or the iX1500? I totally understand the Evernote scanner comes with a free year of premium, thats fine I already have a year or premium and it would be nice to add another year BUT I was told delivery could take up to three weeks and I didn't really get a good explanation at all as to how the Evernote scanner is any different than the S1500 or the iX1500. Also I know the newer model does about 5 ppm more than the S1500 but really that means nothing to me, I am more interested in the FULL compatibility with OSX and Evernote and would appreciate any OSX users commenting. **Also this forum seems broken with Google Chrome and a person cannot login, when I try it bounces back to the index page...in Safari it takes me to a login.
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