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  1. Add me to the "bring back the all tags view" club. Thanks
  2. Thought I was imagining the sudden increased in whiteness. +1 for a darker background, or theme.
  3. never mind, just figured out I can use Atlas to find notes with location tag..
  4. Hi, In the android app, it's easy to search and find all the notes with location tagged with the 'near here' option. Is there a way I can search for all notes with geo data in the windows version?
  5. any update on when this will be implemented? having to find my place again within a 1k+ items list is not fun. It's even worse on the android app. i'd love to get everything into EN, but the lack of basic functions like this is making it extremely difficult..
  6. wow how can such a basic 'feature' be missing? i see the searched word is highlighted inside the note at least, but not being able to jump to the word is just mind boggling. makes me wonder if the guys on the EN android team actually use their own app..
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