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  1. I have the Evernote apps on my MacBook Pro, on my iPad and on my iPhone. I have a monthly upload quota of 60MB. When I look how much of my quota I've used I see this:- MacBook Pro: 30.1MB iPad: 7.7MB iPhone: 27.2MB If I log in to Evernote in a browser I see:- Browser 30.1MB They are all logged in to the same account so shouldn't they all say the same? What's going on? Any suggestions gratefully received. Dennis
  2. I have started to go paperless. I still haven't decided whether to prefer PDF or JPGs. My problem is that I have uploaded some JPEGs and some of them appear as images in the notes, and others appear as attachments, where one must click on the Eye icon to 'Quick look' them. I would like them all to appear as images, without having to Quick Look. Can anyone suggest how to do this? Thank you for any suggestions.
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