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  1. Hi, jefito, No, I can't change the title - in Topic Moderations I have only "Delete" option. If you be so kind, remove the word "3rd party", to have it like this: software for encrypting Evernote content
  2. Hi, my name is Ilia, and I have been checking this topic for quite a while. First of all I want to apologize, because I will do a small promotion - we are developing different software based on cryptographic algorithms for different companies. But recently as a side projects we have created several free solutions that use industry standard cryptography, but are designed for stand-alone users. The point is that cryptography is a bit complicated thing to promote it to average users due to dependency on PKI infrastructure (digital certificates, Certificate authorities), and we dont know if there is a demand there. But it gives people more secure and private, and controlled space from content perspective. And based on the discussions that you had here - one of the issues is the privacy of the content itself. It seems to me that most of the companies are enhancing security of the access to the content, but there is not much of security of the content itself, in it's core. Our free software allow you can encrypt your personal text and store it in Evernote. Nobody would be able to read it except you. Have a look at this video which I have compiled specifically for this forum: http://youtu.be/ziGyjemsczI You can download our software (pkiNote, pkiImage) from major download sites like CNET and etc. P.S. Any feedback would highly appreciated P.P.S. Encrypted images are also supported in Evernote - I will compile a video a bit later.
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