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  1. Thanks and sorry for the cheap irony...
  2. Hello Mr. Evernote, Perhaps this is not the right place for this kind of communications, but I couldn't find any other way to get in contact with you sir... You might be interested to know that at the moment, from your website, it is not possible to reach the download page. How to reproduce this issue? Open the Homepage (http://evernote.com) Scroll down till the footer Click on the "Download Evernote" button in the bottom right corner The page is reloaded with a hashtag appended at the end of the URLI tried on 2 different laptops, both Windows 8 64-bit, with both Chrome (Evernote Web Clipper extension installed, if it matters) and IE. Logging into your website didn't make the trick. At the end Mr. Google gave me the direct link to the download page, but you might want to look into this issue. Cheers, Mirko Grewing
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