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  1. Guys , it seems that in this version I can't drag and drop mp3 files from a note to a list in Winamp. I was able to do this in the previous versions :/ .
  2. The problem came back I think I will just wait until EN resets the limit.
  3. Thanks for the quick answers . I just tested my account on another computer and everything was fine, so maybe there was some kind of corruption in EN in my original pc. I unnistalled and reinstalled and problem solved , Bye
  4. Hey guys I'm a premiun User, so I have 4GB monthly. I'm having a problem sincronizing my account from the windows client, it throws this error: 13:28:45 [8380] 0% Operation denied due to user upload limit13:28:45 [2708] Client synchronization finished, status: failed13:28:45 [2708] * error: You have reached the quota for your account I understand why this wouuld happen but if I go to evernote web all i see is that I have left 3.4GB which is more than enough.I dont know if this is a bug or a problem with my account. Hope you can help me guys. Thanks in advance
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