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  1. Just wondered if there are any more suggestions for me on the syncing issue. Yesterday, I clipped an article from my android table t and today it appeared on the evernote.com site. But still getting the same message on my computer when I tried to sync a few minutes ago. I'm happy to start a ticket number for someone to look at, but I forgot where that is located. Thank you very much. Marilyn
  2. Hello, I'm getting a message after I try to sync my tablet & phone that says "Sync failed due to unexpected behavior on the client side." I downloaded the newest version yesterday and then checked the FAQs today. I checked the Evernote.com servers and my notes from the past several weeks aren't on there. They are only on my laptop. How can I fix this? Thank you!!
  3. Hi jbignert, Well, I have good news. I was checking this morning for my Evernote version as you suggested (realizing I previously gave you the IE version instead) and when I was clicking on the program, it reinstalled the 5.5.3 version. Everything is working perfectly! It must have been removed somehow when the Geek Squad was removing the recent virus I had. I never had thought about that, but will keep it in mind for the future. I do want to say how helpful you were and I've always had the best customer support from this Evernote Forum!! I will continue to recommend this forum and if there's any other place you want me to comment about your service, please let me know!! Thanks again for your help:-)
  4. Any more help on this issue? Thanks!
  5. Oh, one more thing. I did have to have a virus removed on Monday--maybe that's what happened after it was fixed---but I still don't know how to get it back.
  6. Hi jbignert, Thanks for your help. I'm using Windows 7 and just tried all of your suggestions. I looked on the manage add-ons and all I show is Evernote extension and I enabled it, but it did not show evernote clipper. I went to your website and thought I'd check for the download and it said I already had it. Am I doing something wrong?:-) More suggestions? Thanks......
  7. Mine is gone too!! I have had IE11 for awhile and all of sudden I just tried it now and nothing is there.
  8. Hello. I have Windows 7 and just upgraded to IE 11 and am not able to right click on an article and see "clip this article" or "clipping". My web clipper is downloaded and installed. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
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