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  1. > after I downloaded (307551) yesterday Hm, when I do "check for updates", it says I have the latest ( (307474) Public (CE Build ce-48.0.5483)). How do I get that 7551 you found? Thanks, Lee
  2. Same here. I've also noticed this very annoying behavior: I select some text to copy it, as soon as I hit the Ctrl key, before I can hit the "C" to do the copy, it unselects it! This last release has some very annoying problems I sure hope they fix soon.
  3. I would really like to have a shortcut key combination that immediately returns evernote to the exact spot where I was last editing. I sometimes have long notes (e.g. a daily log), I go to the note, scroll to the bottom, type some. Then I need to refer to something in other notes, so I search, browse, etc (without typing anything anywhere), then I want to return to where I was typing to continue. Currently, that means (1) finding the note again, (2) scroll to the bottom, (3) continue typing. A key combination that returns to the last place I was typing would be a nice time-saver. Thanks, Lee
  4. I see this as good news. I think all the Google-haters are being a bit too paranoid.
  5. Um. Ok. Thanks for the info. Can I at least put in a vote for adding that feature to Chrome clipper?
  6. In the options for the Firefox Web Clipper, I see a choice to "Send clips to: " ...Evernote Web, or...Evernote on your desktop. But the Chrome Web Clipper does not seem to have that option. How can I tell the Chrome clipper to send clips to the local desktop EN? (I'm on Windows). It seems the Chrome clipper can only send clips to my web account?
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