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  1. In the post from ANY Posted October 18, 2016 they report "Open Safari and install the Evernote Web Clipper from www.evernote.com/webclipper . If prompted to choose between installing the extension from the Safari Extensions Gallery or directly from the developper choose Install from Developer. This will ensure you install the latest version of the extension (version 6.9.4)." Can you clear this up for us having trouble using the web clipper? Thank you in advance
  2. I am Safari on my iMac running OS 10.11.6 When I click on a link for evernote in a page I am browsing in Safari, it automatically opens Google Chrome. How can I change this as I do not want Chrome to be opened. I want any links to open in another tab in Safari. Thank you for your help. Michelle
  3. Good Morning Scott, Thanks for a great, detailed reply. This helps. Can I ask a few clarifying questions? I have not heard of 'box' only dropbox and in looking at your sample it appears to another app/program for a cloud back up? So you use Document 5/PDF Expert to edit, mark up, work with a PDF while they live on Dropbox or box? Or do they also live in Documents 5? I think since you have Evernote Premium, you are able to choose how to attach a PDF. I do see where I can choose anything for PDFs. I am going to reread your email and then reply with a question. I am still trying to sort out the uses of each and how they interact. Thank you so much for your help! michelle
  4. Scott and Meg, I've downloaded the Document 5 App to try it out. Can you tell me is you use it to store your PDFs, or just to edit them and then store them in Evernote? Since I've been using iBooks for so long, I've got a steep learning curve. Scott, you mentioned I can upload or save PDFs into my notebook via the web version and sync with my iMac version when I have more storage available to me. I have some PDFs saved in a folder on my iMac desktop. How do I get them into the folder? I dragged one and when the note opens, it is a link to see it. Other PDFs I've loaded previous to Evernote, open with the document visible. Is this a feature of how they are loaded? If they've been synced? Just wanting to sort out the best way to manage the new process. And you mentioned Dropbox. Do you use Dropbox as a back up to what you have stored in Evernote? Again, asking to learn this new avenue as I move off of iBooks. This may all be a nice learning opportunity. Michelle
  5. Thank you GM and Scott, Both of your responses have helped me. I will check out your website GM and PDF expert. I am guessing it is an app in the app store so I'll look there and then google it if needed. From what I've read on the apple discussions, and what you said Scott about Kindle, etc., helps keep it in context. If apple originally made this for their purchases, as the Amazon Kindle has, I can see any of them not wanting to put a lot of tech time into making it work for items/documents whose design and/or interaction style is out of their control. they'd end up having to fix issues that may be outside of their original design... or so my mind is surmising this morning. I've been frustrated with how ibooks keeps PDFs for some time as, I have several that are very different categories and I've long wished I could categorize them in folders, etc. So Evernote does allow me that option. I am quite new to Evernote so I do need to spend some time looking for some tutorials to better understand my options and better use the resource and my time. Just an FYI, I cannot post again until after 9:30 tonight, must be a limit on new users to make sure we are not maniacs ;-) Probably a good plan. I just mention it as, if either of you reply and ask me something, I won't be able to reply till tonight or tomorrow. You've been so kind to help, I just want to say this so it did not appear as if I was not grateful and not going to reply. Online forums, basically email, can be easily misunderstood stood. I am guessing we've all seen a thread go 'hot' and in reading the thread, thought it was mostly as a result of the insular nature of email. Have a good Sunday. Michelle
  6. Grumpy Monkey, I also don't care for this new 'controlling' aspect of ibooks and iTunes. I did update my software and did a sync and it did ***** up all my pdfs. I do have them correctly listed in a folder so I will look for some ways to re add them to ibooks. I did load some of them into evernote but I hit the limit for the Month. wish I'd started this yesterday! LOL Michelle
  7. I am new to Evernote and want to move all my PDFs from iBooks as it no longer plays nicely VBG How do I drag them into a notebook. I made one and named it iBooks PDFs but I don't know how/where to drag them to get them into the notebook. Also, another reply said to put them into an import folder. Where do I find or create an import folder? Thanks for your help! Michelle
  8. I'm sorry if this comes through twice, I typed it up and hit post and then it made me log back in. So .... I posted here because I thought there might be other mac users here who are as frustrated as I am with the change to iBooks and our ability to rename items on the iMac and if we download them on an iPad, getting them to the iMac for back up and having the name not get changed. I decided to stop using iBooks and since I have an Evernote account and use it for other things, I thought it might be a good replacement for my PDF collection. I assumed iBooks would work seamlessly between my devices (who doesn't ??) and now that we have lost some control and flexibility with recent updates, I am looking to stop using it. Hence, I posted here to see what other mac users who are on the forums might be able to tell me. And I cannot go and re download them as they came from several sites and I no longer have the original list to start over. I saw that I can email them one by one and while I am grateful that is an option, I remain hopeful another mac user, or any user, might know a way to export them all or select all, etc. Thank you for your time Scott and grumpy monkey Michelle
  9. I have several PDFs that I've downloaded to iBooks on my iPad for some classes I'm taking. When I sync my iPad with my iMac, I'm told it will not take files from the iPad that are not already in iBooks on the iMac. recently I downloaded several for a class and need to sync and update the IOS on my iPad. I am nervous about what might happen to my PDFs when I do this so I'm thinking about switching where i keep them to Evernote. So I'd like to know how I can move the ones I have now in ibooks on my iPad to my account in Evernote? Can I? Michelle
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