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  1. Hummm...that's interesting because yes, I always have to put the icon on the toolbar myself...but I only started doing that after it continued to clear the icon. I'm sure the first time I installed EN on both computers I didn't put the icon there, but instructed (as I do all my installs) to only put the icon on the Windows toolbar and not on the desktop. I'm not real savvy on the back end of things...so if I deleted the icon before the next update, would EN ask me where or if I wanted an icon put somewhere? Then, for future updates, the icon would most likely be updated as the system would have placed it instead of being manually put there? Perhaps it would need to be a clean install for EN to question about icons, I'm not knowledgeable about that sort of issue. Good suggestion to restart explorer.exe, but again - if I deleted the manual icon, would restarting explorer then place the icon or are you referring to updating the manual icon that I have already placed? I still have not replaced the icon (I'm still boycotting the issue! - and neither have I restarted the computer, as that would take an act of Congress! LOL Thank you so very much for your help and suggestions and taking what seems to be a small issue so seriously. I really appreciate it!
  2. OH! Yes, I see that I did that! Yeah, a reboot's not going to happen. I almost won't install anything that insists on restarting my computer, so a reboot just to get an icon back for EN is not in the cards for me. Great suggestion and I bet that would definitely take care of the problem. Personally, I don't think I should have to reboot to keep an icon - I mean, what's the difference in just dragging down a new icon and restarting - both are inconveniences that really shouldn't be required to update EN - in my opinion. Thanks again - I think I feel better just knowing that I'm not the only one out there to loose the silly icon!
  3. Oh how I wished that would fix it for me. After yesterday's update, I refused to fix the icon - silly, I know, but I'm protesting! LOL It is still sitting on my toolbar as a blank icon. I've opened EN through clipping and by going to the start menu several times, but the icon still sits empty. I'm not sure what the PCOh is, so I can't say if it has been restarted or not I rarely ever restart my machine, so if EN needs this to happen in order to restore the icon, well, I'm out of luck. I work on too many things at once and leave them all open so restarting is a major act for me. Thank for you for the suggestion, perhaps it will work for Longarche!
  4. I'm sure you;re not, but it's also not a routine issue. First thought is Revo uninstall and reinstall (with backups) - see the forums for more detail on that if you need it. Second thought would be - Support Ticket. Well, it may not be a bug for you, but it is certainly a bug for me. At first, I thought it was just inherent to my first machine running XP. I quietly dealt with it because at the time, I was using Evernote for free. I expect certain inconveniences when I'm getting something for nothing. Then I moved to a completely new machine with a new OS (Vista) and upgraded Evernote to pay monthly - same deal with the icon, nothing changed. Somewhere along the way I decided monthly was silly and wanted to change to yearly. NO CAN DO! Can you believe it? They have no way to upgrade a subscription?!?!? Are you freaking kidding me? So...I was told I had to drop my monthly subscription and completely resign up for yearly. Ok, so now I've already got a bad taste in my mouth and I continue to have this icon issue (bug, IMO). I have no idea what Revo is, nor do I want to. I have way more pressing matters to attend to than trying to troubleshoot something that is clearly not limited to just me for a program that I actually pay for. There are things about Evernote that I just love and there are things that I just simply loathe - the loathing keeps me from utilizing EN the way I should. I've no idea what snapped yesterday, but when I upgraded and the icon no longer worked when I most needed it to, I was angry to the point of coming here. I'm not one to really complain - this is only my 3rd post. I have put in a ticket - do I expect a fix? Not really. I can tell you that I have started migrating to Pocket - simply because Pocket handles snipping from my tablet so much better and the workaround of having to go to Pocket and then to EN is ridiculous - even if IFTTT will auto handle it for me! If Pocket can do it for free, why can't EN do it for the fee I pay? The icon issue just serves to continue to push me to Pocket....
  5. Oh but YES, Evernote does and has ALWAYS had this weird little problem. And yet AGAIN today after an update, the little icon on my toolbar is sitting there - BLANK - AGAIN! I'm sick to death of this issue. Every flipping time I upgrade the stinking interface, I get a blank shortcut on my Windows toolbar. I have to go and find it in my start menu and put the shortcut on my toolbar, each and every time. I just surely do not understand why I can update and upgrade ANY other program without this happening, but I have always, since day 1 had to replace the Windows shortcut after an update of Evernote and this happened under XP and now on Windows Vista - 2 different OS's and 2 different machines! Irritates the ***** out of me - so bad in fact, that today I came here looking for these forums to ***** about it. Personally, I see it as a bug that needs to be fixed!
  6. It would seem that Blog.with is for WordPress.com users - or alternatively you can connect self hosted blog through JetPack (if you are brave enough to want to install and use it). I've tried JetPack and I find it too bloated for use on my sites. You can certainly disable items, but they are all still loaded and some cause conflicts even though they are disabled. It just isn't a viable option for me. I'm not really looking for something to push Evernote posts to WP, but rather share my notebook as an alternative to a Flipboard magazine. I would use Flipboard, but I want the entire articles that have been clipped or flipped to appear, rather than a user having to go to the particular clip online. It can all get so convoluted as to what we each are trying to accomplish! I'm going to check out eaTags - looks interesting so far.
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