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  1. @Kolmir, I definitely feel that sunk cost after 11 years as an Evernote user but the past 6 months is definitely taking me towards other options. Nimbus and Notion, etc come with their issues but since I can't even use the new EN as it just hangs endlessly, changing is turning into my only viable option, especially as my yearly renewal for EN comes up soon. I'll hang in till the last minute because thankfully at least Legacy still works.
  2. We're literally doing same thing with almost identical numbers. Hope it goes well for you. Importing has been glitchy for me.
  3. After about 6 months using the garbage that is the new EN, I think I'm ditching for Nimbus. I'm still on Legacy as the updated version of EN is useless. And I mean that literally. Every time I try to use the app it crashes or is so slow that it can take several minutes to open a note. As a near decade Premium subscriber, I'm likely ditching out. I'm at the end of my rope for something that I pay for. This was a huge fail on EN part and I bought Nimbus as an alternative. Yes, has issues, but from my playing with if, far less than the garbage that is the new EN.
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