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  1. I believe this is accurate, at least it was for me. When I looked in the Crash Reports (Console), the sole occupant of a very long list was EvernoteSpotlight. I deleted the app and the obvious evernote-related files in the Library, restarted, and downloaded the latest version from Evernote's site and—so far (with fingers and toes, and legs crossed) no crashes. I have five Macs working here, and my 16" MBP was the only one that ever crashed. Three run Evernote; two do not crash, but they run High Sierra.
  2. Joining the thread only to say that my new 16"MBP crashes daily, and "EvernoteSpotlight [31784]" seems to be the common cause, according to the Console. This is disappointing, after finding this thread, especially to see how long this has been going on for. I will try uninstalling and re-installing to see if this helps and report back.
  3. Yes; a simple delete address function would be very helpful.
  4. Thanks for the note on architecture, Jeff; that's very helpful. And I will look at that KB article, too. KL
  5. Thanks jefito; I already did make a new post, and it has been answered. I run a forum using the same software; on ours we don't have a problem with multiple posts on any particular issue, because our experience is that, while an older thread may be found by a search engine (and what might bring someone here in the first place, as in my case), people with answers do not look at older posts as often as newer ones. And I saw than no one has answered Sally S's post on the same subject, posted here five months ago. But, please, as a moderator, feel free to delete my post. Since I posted (and I have been testing E.'s capacities in this regard) there is a crucial difference between notes and notebooks, WRT to sharing. Very likely I need to read your documentation, but it's voluminous, and time is limited. Does a Venn diagram (or similar, like a mind map) of what E. can do exist anywhere? One of the most common problems of modern software is that there is no way to understand how the program thinks. Please link me if so. Thanks for your response. I do hope to contribute here in time, once I know what this excellent software can do.
  6. Hello all, If I am the originator of a shared notebook, on my Mac system right clicking does not give me the Leave option (as you'd expect). As the originator, this is a locked note—how do I delete this? Ah: I see Sally S posted the same Q., last year. If I hear nothing, I will post a new thread. TIA, KL
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