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  1. Never mind. I got rid of the Containers in my Library and restarted the client. This time I synced up nicely. Problem solved.
  2. Yesterday I got this error message when I opened up the desktop client: I tried to delete and re-install. When I downloaded my notes from the server, it just keep going and going and going... it shouldn't take hours to download 247.8 MB of notes. I finally had to force-quit. when I re-opened it, I got the same error message as before. I've gone through this cycle about three or four ties now. I've gone through Support, but none of their ideas have panned out. Anybody got any bright ones?
  3. I just learned about the Insert Date At Cursor keyboard shortcut. Way cool, except... I keep my journal (of over twenty years) on Evernote. Since I had to port it over from other apps (don't ask) the Created Date doesn't help to keep it in order. Title will sort it by the month, not the year, unless I format the date by the year, then month, then day. Is there a chance the next iteration of the client could include the option of "year/month/day" e.g. 2014/02/28? It would help ginormously. Thanks!
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