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  1. Thanks for your reply! From the beginning, I only needed to sync around 4 or 5 notes from the server as the rest of the notes are already on my computer. However, I waited for almost half hour and only 1 note was sync'd, that was very odd. I tried to log off or quit the application and restart but things all turned out abnormally. So I deleted the database and the application trying to reinstall again, but no notes are being sync'd and the notification kept telling me server error or connection error, even the Skitch application was telling me server error. So I surrendered. But over night, things all turned our right, I just can't explain why, I believe this must have something to do with the network.
  2. By the way, I must mention, I'm using EN in China, my account is the international one, not the Chinese version.
  3. I just bought a premium account days before, and I believe the service could be better. However, I just came across a very strange problem. I've using the Evernote on my office's computer, and everything went just very well. When I came back home, I was using the Evernote on my laptop, the sync just failed. The OS of my office's computer is windows 7 and on my laptop is windows 8.1. I uninstalled the application and reinstalled it for several times, but the problem went on, while on my ipad, connected to the same network, everything goes well and very quickly. I just cannot find any reason. The version I installed is the latest stable version. Anybody can help me with that?
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