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  1. Thanks for the link; it looks interesting. However, it doesn't address Allen's desire to have a table of contents at the top of a note that links down to anchors within the note. I too, would like it to be easier to navigate with a large note and would like to have semantically demarcated headers, like using paragraph styles in MS Word.
  2. I did some troubleshooting on the text wrapping. I made a copy of a note with the problem and deleted all long URLs from the note, and then I was able to make the window narrow with no horizontal scrollbar. Pasting a long URL into the note made the horizontal scrollbar come back. I think Evernote is somehow basing whether to use a horizontal scrollbar on the widest thing in the note, and then applying that decision to all the other paragraphs.
  3. I'm seeing the exact same problem with 5.7.0 that pcf reported, on Mavericks 10.9.5. I tried downgrading, but I got an error, "Your local Evernote data is being managed by a newer version of Evernote. Please use the latest version.". I found some instructions on this site for clearing out local data by searching for that message, and I might try that later. To be clear, as pcf stated, there is wrapping as long as the note window is above a certain fixed width, but Evernote is a lot less useful to me now that I can't open a note in a separate window and make that window narrow to fit next to whatever application I'm working in.
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