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  1. Just happened to me for the second time this week. In the first time I lost a 15 days worth of edits in a note. Today I lost just one session, but I'm done with EN until this is resolved and I think to check the fix. Steps taken in todays loss: 1) edit for 5+ minutes on a desktop mac 2) walk to meeting, open up ipad app, change nothing 3) notice missing content, hit the sync button --no changes 4) walk back to desk, hit sync on the desk 5) watched my morning edits disappear before my eyes 6) curse and scream as undo doesn't help and there are no conflict notes It used to be that EN would show conflicts, but that's changed and not being able to trust my notes' survivability is too much. I'm switching back to google docs which at least has server push and free version history.
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