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  1. My solution is to use Postbox as a Mail alternative. It has an Evernote plugin.
  2. Finaly I gave a try to Postbox and it seems to do the job quite well despite no popup when you click on the evernote icon so you don't know if it's done! I sent 3 times the same file! But attachment are going through. I'm going to spend my 30 days trial period but it looks like a good alternative.
  3. As I'm coming from the dark side (windows) I had a plugin in Outlook to send a mail directly to Evernote where I'm Premium. I can't use Outlook on my Mac because the Calendar and Contacts don't sync with my Google account! So back to Mail I was trying to find a solution to link it to Evernote. The best solution I found is not to use Mail anymore but AirMail (1.99$ on the store but free if you take the Beta). It has the Evernote service built in so right click and then send to evernote. It works but I have a popup asking me to chose an app to open a link???? and it doen't transfer the attachements so far!
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