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  1. I have been using an ECHO 8GB Pen for two years with Livescribe Desktop outputting notes to Myscript which undertakes OCR and produces MS-WORD .docx or RFT files out of the notes. That is a pretty good solution. I recently purchased an a WIFI SMARTPEN and found that it uses EVERNOTE - but there are no clear directions for either producing MS-WORD outputs other than HTML files which seem to be images. It is also not clear if Myscript (now the Memo application) accepts EVERNOTE output for OCR conversion as it seems to focus on inputting notes directing from iPads and tablets these days. What is the best solution for taking output from the WIFI SMARTPEN and converting it to recognized MS-WORD .dox or RTF files. Or have I taken a big step backwards with this new pen?
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