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  1. Love the changes! Will we be able to use dark mode for all areas (cards, current note, header, menus, etc.) in the next release?
  2. Gazumped, thanks for the quick reply! I did set that up, but that doesn't actually link them it just allows you to switch back and forth. I was under the impression that the accounts can be linked so that you can view both at the same time and move notes between them. Is this not the case?
  3. I have what is hopefully a quick question for anyone that has done this. Unfortunately I cannot find the answer online and I have been working with Evernote Support for two days: All I want to know is how do I link my pre-existing Premium account with my Pre-existing Business account????
  4. All, I am overwhelmed with number responses I got on this forum. I wanted to first say thank you to everyone that joined in on the conversation and added their personal experiences. We have step forward in the planning cycle and have since attended the group Windows webinar last week. I have two more weeks to determine my strategy and implementation plan, but I now have information that will help with that. Chris, your plan to start with a small number of users sounds like the way to go. I was originally just thinking that we would start will all users and have everyone build data, but I now think that would be a terrible idea. In building the data with a small group we can outline the structure that we will need and will give everyone access to useful data when we launch. We may even want to roll it out department by department. I am worried about some of the struggles, and I now believe that our real issue is that everyone wants the information in one place, but few want to build that data. This is why I am persistent on Evernote. As all of us know, creating data in EN is easy and what makes it easier is that it is available everywhere and on every device. For those of you that did run into issues, can you elaborate on what happened, how it was corrected, or why it was a deal breaker? I think it will help me as well as any other potential users to plan around the issues in advance. Again thank you all for contributing! This is one of the reasons I love EN, the community is amazing and always extremely helpful!
  5. +1 for Pocket and +1 for Drafts! Drafts is amazing! I have three custom scripts for Evernote that I use in drafts. 1. Sends text untagged to my _inbox notebook 2. Sends text tagged todo to my Work notebook 3. Sends text tagged todo to my Personal notebook The possibilities are endless and it allows for a [very] quick note sent straight to Evernote and filed correctly every time.
  6. Thats for the speedy reply jbenson! Currently we are using an intranet Wiki, but it is too difficult for many users to update. Security wise, in the beginning we would just need everyone to be able to view and edit everything. Eventually, I could see the need for read only, and shared between certain users only. Customization wise, template would be ideal, but I know that isn't in the cards with EN. We are a software company and one of our options is just to make our own, but we are weighing the costs of that versus 10/user per month indefinitely. I personally believe that the basic functionality and design of EN is perfect as long as the securities will be there when we need it. I think that we will most likely need moderators to make sure everything is tagged properly and in a basic format. Real time collaboration is an area that we have never had before with the wiki. As long as I dont bring this up in a meeting, we should be good, haha. Seriously though, as long as a document can be viewed while someone else is editing, we dont need to edit at the same time. Are there any sync issues in this situation?
  7. There currently is no official way to do so, but here is a workaround that works well: http://mergy.org/2012/05/use-the-evernote-clipper-with-safari-on-ipad-and-iphone/ You can also take a screen shot by clicking the home and power button at the same time and paste that image in a note.
  8. Hey everyone! I am looking for some advice from those of you that have gone through what we are currently doing. We are looking to move all of our data to a unified note system. I have proposed Evernote (based on my personal experience using Evernote for years), while other have proposed competitors such as OneNote. My question to all of you is: How can I convince my company to choose Evernote over the competition? What strategies have you used in your implementation?
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