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  1. We're in a similar boat and have a small team (4 people) evaluating EV for Business. We've had sharing and permissions problems that i'm yet to conclude so the testing is ongoing... good luck. Leo.
  2. Login to the web version, admin console and manage notebooks. It might help.
  3. I understand. I'll do some testing this end and report back. To be honest i'm expecting it to work out of the box... fingers crossed else i'll be in the same boat... I've not used these options as yet but perhaps worth a try... these are only available under grey notebooks, click the cog to access.
  4. Okay. Have you tried playing with the permission control i.e. activity against modification? it should work both ways but perhaps worth a try?
  5. That's a bit odd. Close the application and re-open. When you rollover the notebook under the notebooks section you should see a box with arrow icon, this provide you with the sharing facility for that notebook. Or click the group icon, as shown above.
  6. Have not looked at permissions but I will shortly. Cool, good luck. Took me a while to get my head around it. Permission controls differ depending which section your in i.e. personal against business notes and the control icons provide a different features. Business notes (Grey) would be the area you need to spend some time looking at. I'm working on desktop version on a Mac.
  7. We're at about the same stage in evolution, similar situation. Have you played with permissions under business notes (grey books) section?
  8. Figure out how to un-share personal notes. Desktop version (Mac) under Notebooks, right click and modify sharing, remove individuals. Phew, glad that's sorted... next.... (bit basic but had me stumped for ages)
  9. Hello, Same problem (i think) on Mac 10.9 using desktop and web to figure this out and i'm totally confused. Sharing permission control seams intermittent. Will make contact with support and work it through... As the admin for our business account i do have some permission control via web under shared notebooks but these seams to be limited to the business notebooks which seams fair. Just need to figure how i un-share items within my personal and work notes that i seam to have no control over. Shared and now cannot unshare... Will try moving them around and see if things reset.... Leo.
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