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  1. Can you explain what you are doing in OneNote that you are not able to do in Evernote? Are you using the web version, Mac or OC, or a mobile application? I draw in my notes in the iOS versions. What are you trying to accomplish?
  2. Wilco ..I don't keep local notes...for just this reason.
  3. Late-2011 MacBook Pro macOS Sierra 10.12.4 Deleted the app and reinstalled from the app store. Select the app...and the crash report will be visible before the EN program. Any Suggestions?
  4. Can you elaborate on your expectation of the level of integration you are looking for? If you are referring to an enhancement to the ability to draw within or over text within your notes, I am all for that, but I suspect it will be a long time before we see that level of 'upgrade' to the present note-taking.
  5. The checkbox closes? What are you referring to?
  6. Oh hell yeah...much faster when opening....but: in the app store description, it states " Access Reminder more quickly...Tap the clock up top, to the right of the search bar" Uh...what clock by the search bar....not on iPhone, iPad, or MacOS versions. Or am I blind? I was hoping for more 3D Touch emphasis with this update too: New List note or view reminders from the home screen with a long press on the app. But at least were are working towards improvement! Always great to have a step in the right direction!
  7. Any feature(s) that allow me to have my notebook turned digital is a key enabler for me to stay organized (and one of the ways I promote Evernote). I am pretty content with all of the standard features of EN that we are accustomed to, I would prefer development in the ability to use my EN Notebook with OCR and the ability to highlight text, copy it, and more. That would really help make EN the powerhouse of note keeping it once was.
  8. I do enjoy the Moleskine Evernote Smart Notebook, as I do capture several of the pages, almost always using the smart stickers for the handwritten notes I intend to capture. I am enticed to always get free stuff, particularly free stuff I enjoy and use very frequently — like Evernote or stationary. Lol i will admit I have used non-EN Moleskine notebooks and even amassed a collection of unused smart stickers to use for that who book and this present book I am using - not all in consecutive order. This present book is not a Moleskine either but just a promotional item from my company. I am hoping it is to blame for the poor performance of the recognition of the smart stickers. In short - switch. You clearly don't need the stickers, the points, and the only other reason I can use is it's green accents. Lol (I happen to like the green) As for the 90's clip art - hilarious! I actually keep my Moleskine in a cover by Inkleaf and my colleagues love it. https://www.inkleafleather.com/shop/moleskine-cover
  9. Stacy, many many people are complaining about experiencing this prompt. Without providing any personal details, im wondering: 1. What type of EN account donyou have (Free or paid), and 2. If you have a paid account, do you pay through iTunes or directly to EN? the reason I ask is im presently using premium paid for by EN points (?) and I'm wondering it we can narrow down and connecting to why the prompt is happening.
  10. I feel your pain with the iTunes prompt. When I first had the issue I submitted a ticket. Then prompted them that there was no reply to my ticket after week. But I highlighted my question that I'm riding out a free year of premium right now (thank you EN points system!) so is the iTunes prompt less of an EN issue and more of a "hey, iTunes here; you used to give us your money for EN, we notice you aren't doing that...can we have your money now?" In short, im wondering if everyone, no matter if they pay through iTunes or not, is getting the prompt.
  11. That is a very fair assessment. Personally, although I was taken aback at several of the changes, im one of the lucky few who uses my EN premium account in a way that these changes didn't limit me near as much as many who have voiced their concerns in the forums. My notebooks, note names, tags and stacks are all working fine within the new format. Althought I would agree with many that there seems to be no speed increase. It's not perfect, it's perhaps not better. But it's different and I'm giving it a try. For me, it's working 'as well' as the other version. It just needs a bit of a boost for me to say there is any improvement.
  12. I'm still working with the new version. Each new update (8.0.3) is making it better. I'm embracing the change. I won't revert. Maybe I'm optimistic; maybe I'm naive! Lol
  13. KellyGTDfan have you tried prompting them in Twitter? @Evernotehelps
  14. I read it. meh. Well written, but it reads like fiction, and not a fact-based paper. So it was an enjoyable read, but doesn't have me running off to have an affair with OneNote. lol
  15. TokoyoRose, Bottom line up front (BLUF): I tried OneNote and hated it because I was so used to EN. Best of luck to you in your migration. I'm an EN premium user and have been for a few years now. I have been trying all of the other note applications and I found EN to be the best one (for me) even with the cost of premium. I tried a migration to ONE NOTE. I must say it mad me laugh. It didn't hold up well. I did not like the formatting and I felt that if you didn't have a crystal clear vision of how you wanted the note to look once you had inserted considerable data - you were going to have a lot of work ahead of you. In short - it has lots of features - to be too complicated and not very intuitive. I am sure that OneNote is a great application for some, by my systems for organizing EN were 'not transferrable' as much as I had hoped. My recommendation (FWIW) is patience. EN is trying to improve, and slough it may not appear to be a win with v8, but sometime there are bumps in the road to success.
  16. Ken, I experienced a similar problem with the release of v8 where I had a single note where the title, tags and date were available but nothing else. I managed to find I could view my missing table/data in the web and Mac versions. As of today, miraculously I can se the table/data in iOS. This was after I also submitted a trouble ticket and received zero feedback. Have you tried the web version on a different computer?
  17. May I recommend rephrasing your comment and adding it as a "returning feature request" in the appropriate forum?
  18. Curado... Everyone is getting the same issue with the requests for iTunes passwords. For your notification issue, I suggest opening EN and selecting the Notebook drop down. Select "Reminders" and then open the reminder that has a present or past due date. This may clear your notification. PMN
  19. No need to move it. I also posted this in the iOS forum.
  20. Evernote, Please expedite the updated 3D Touch support. In particular: - view reminders from 3D Touch on the home screen launch. - 3D Touch vice long press for the new note options - 3D Touch within a note results in an "insert" function for photos or sketch (to be embedded where touched)
  21. Evernote, Please expedite the updated 3D Touch support. In particular: - view reminders from 3D Touch on the home screen launch. - 3D Touch vice long press for the new note options - 3D Touch within a note results in an "insert" function for photos or sketch (to be embedded where touched)
  22. Over the last few years I have used several different Moleskine Evernote notebooks. As my jobs changes within my company I found I wanted my Moleskine stickers to mean something else. so what happens when I change them? What happens to past notes with that sticker — nothing? does it even matter if, when, or how often I change the sticker meanings? And do those meanings sync across all of my platforms?
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