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  1. Second the comments above. They have taken one of the best features of evernote and made it into a very negative user experience. i use evernote to collect multiple documents and organize them in a specific way with context in between. I have a half dozen ways to 'view' a .pdf via other programs on my computer. I don't need evernote to do this...totally wrecked functionality. This needs to be rolled back asap.
  2. Chat does not replace the email functionality. Concur with the comment that this is blatant marketing decision. Evernote is a critical system for many users this kind of chafe reflect very poorly on the company. Put email back under the "share" menu and confine chat to shared notes/notebooks.
  3. Chat is not a replacement for the old meal feature. The email feature allowed me to work in evernote and share static content with others (typically people who are less tech savy) at controlled view only intervals. This was fast and fit into everyone's workflow. Chat makes them learn a new system. Notebook collaboration previously served this niche. This is a bad update and needs to be reversed. Love evernote, but this is a critical system for me, if I can't trust you not to make changes like this on a whim, I am going to have to find another solution.
  4. Evernote needs to build in the ability to duplicate and then lock a note. I use evernote to manage meeting agendas and minutes. This week's agenda is often built off of last week's minutes therefore I want to be able to duplicate the previous agenda as a starting point (copy paste is extremely buggy and has created formatting issues and crashes), but once I move to the next week, I need to lock the previous agenda to prevent unitentional changes that would mess up my minutes function. Also, I Love the ability to email from inside the service. Great feature for this use. Thanks, Jon
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