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  1. Hey, thanks for the reply. I appreciate it. That's perfect and so I'll do that. I use 1Password which I trust, is all. Thanks again, Bart
  2. Hi, I downloaded the mac app but am being asked to set a master password in Keychain. How can I bypass Keychain. I have no trust in my keychain as my computer user account can access this info. That makes the master password only as secure as my computer user password. The way I do things is that I make it easy to get in to my computer cause that makes things easy for me, but anything sensitive is encrypted locally. Thanks
  3. Hi. With Evernote on my mac, I open a PDF in an external editor (Skim), make highlights, save the file. When I open the file again from Evernote, I find that the file is the original version. I want to start using Evernote to take all my academic notes and store the PDF's (course notes and articles) along side my notes. It would completely break my workflow to have to re-insert the PDF into a new note every single time I 'open with'. I must be missing something here. People on the forum seem to think it's an Android problem but I don't think it is since it is also not working on a mac. Maybe I could figure this out if I could find where Evernote saves attachments. I notice that Evernote creates a backup of my attachment every time I open it, but no matter where I save the updated file, EN does not accept it. Can anyone help?
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