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  1. The elephant in the room is, OneNote does a much better job of syncing across multiple devices. I would say that Evernote is better in terms of cross-platform compatibility, and basic usability....I think Evernote should NOT try to keep up with OneNote in terms of features...that is where their development effort is probably going wrong. What they should FIX in their catastrophically BROKEN application is the complete UNRELIABILITY of syncing issues. I won't even go into details, the elephant IS in the room. STUPID things happen far too often with Evernote, that can't be dismissed as "user error". There is something fundamentally WRONG in the way they are doing things. That is why I am being DRIVEN back to OneNote because, in spite of the fact that the interface is more clunky, at least I can RELY on OneNote to be consistent. I cannot rely on Evernote for that...it has been spectacularly FALLIBLE, and I will not waste my breath on my own personal anecdotes, it is a waste of my time.
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