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  1. Try the Image Resizer+ app! I just discovered this! I agree it's pretty ridiculous that Evernote doesn't have some sort of in-app solution for this, but until that happens I really needed to resize images I upload to notes so they simply don't take up so much darn space. I consulted the forums and found lots of very irritated longtime users. I'm still so new I don't even know what Skitch is, except to note that users didn't find it all that satisfactory for this use. Everyone has different needs, but mine are essentially these: I snap pics with my iPhone 5S. I occasionally upload one or a few to Evernote. Never thought I had an issue until I had a particularly active month and got a notice that I'd maxed out my space for the month. Huh? Well I'm moderately tech savvy, but this just shows my shortage of understanding. I just thought it would magically upload and resize itself...apparently. So I stopped using Evernote so much. And then I downloaded Evernote to my desktop and saw some of the images I'd previously uploaded, but this time on my laptop (an ancient MacBook with a small screen). They were HUGE, and needlessly so. Some look a bit distorted. So I happened to mention the issue to a tech friend who consulted the App Store for a solution. Enter the Image Resizer+ app for 99 cents. SUPER simple. I'd tapped the buy button before seeing that there were some bad reviews. I swore. Then I tried the app. Not sure what the others are trying to do and not accomplishing, but it is PERFECT for my needs. The only thing better would be if Evernote incorporated something like it into their menu of options... anyway, for 99 cents, that's my solution. Hope it helps someone else out there with simple needs like mine.
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