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  1. On 2.06.2016 at 10:14 PM, Psook said:

    Is there a point where we will be able to decide the order of merging note on Mac?  Every update comes and goes and still, we can't append a new note to an old one.  That's ridiculous.

    The last changed note is always the first in the merged note.

    The workaround is: make changes to notes in reverse order.

    I usually add and delete a dot in note title to make the note I want first be the last modified one.

    It requires some minimum thinking but works.

  2. 13 hours ago, Frank.dg said:


    Bottom line is this: don't get your (one's) hopes up. You're going to get nothing but silence from Evernote on almost everything task and reminder related, for one simple reason:

    Take a look through the Evernote App Center and do some preliminary digging around on the www and you will find scores of very good 3rd party Evernote apps that do just about anything you want, extracting Evernote Reminders to Calendars (Sunrise), checklist items in Evernote notes to integrated interfaces (Swipes), Evernote notes to Kanban boards (Kanbanote) and Eisenhower Matrices (Gneo), etc. There are loads of fantastic 3rd party apps that sync directly with Evernote - both ways. I'm sure you know this...

    The reason why Evernote will not do much more than what we currently have is that they would disenfranchise a lot of those very innovative 3rd party apps built right on Evernote's back. Take a look at the Evernote platform awards which gave a lot of these creative folk incentive to build their apps. A huge part of Evernote's expansion came directly from 3rd party apps that go all out to promote themselves and in the process point directly toward Evernote... both onramping utilities as well as those apps that grab your Evernote information. For Evernote to create their own task management interfaces beyond the Reminders list and checkboxed items within a note would be kind of impolite... and they know that. Call it a catch 22... call it what you will, but Evernote will not ramp up the task management area significantly. How could they? The last major development in this area was the Reminder itself. There's Work Chat for collaboration... but that's an uninteresting story. 

    I appreciate your input and effort to write that many words. That's a weird theory, though. For two reasons.

    1. Lack of logic. One simple example would be the Drafts app that allows basic notetaking with "Save to Evernote" option. To "be nice" to this developer, Evernote should give up the notetaking part.

    2. The focus. Any company that wants to suceed has only one thing to look at and focus at. That thing is The Final Customer. Not the supplier, not the distribution partner, not the 3rd party developer, but the final Customer. If Final Customer is not happy, they do not spend money with the company and such company closes shop. End of story.

    So, although my iCal implementation request may not be something they implement, I wouldn't be saying it because of the 3rd party developers, but rather by lack of popularity of my suggested feature.

    I think I am done with this discussion. I submitted a feature request and explained at lenght why I want it and how it should work.

    Have a nice day.

  3. 13 hours ago, DTLow said:

    It's been much discussed in the forum.

    You're using the external link, and you want the internal link, also called the classic link.

    On my Mac, I can retrieve the classic link by holding down the option key when I copy a link.

    Yeah, but that moves me back to manual adding to calendar. This dragging, although manual too, feels better than simple copy/paste. I guess that's more psychology than real problem.

    BTW. if I use a classic link on my Mac, will that work properly on the iphone?

  4. 31 minutes ago, DTLow said:

    Thats an ugly process - I'm favoring a more integrated solution

    I only do scheduling with Evernote once per week when I do my Weekly Review. So it is survivable. I would be adding Reminders while looking at Calendar anyway. Integration would save me time on copying Titles, etc.

    Major problem for me now is: when I click on the Note link in Calendar it opens the Note in Safari and only after that opens the Note in Evernote. Any idea how to omit the Safari part? It takes up to 10 seconds for the Note to load.

  5. 7 minutes ago, Frank.dg said:

    Cool. In this digital day and age most don't find switching things up to be too jarring. Mwlodarski or a bunch of others might find this useful, since Sunrise Calendar is just as useful now as it ever was. The sunset part is more a halt on adding further features... but more interestingly it would be great to find an alternative to Sunrise out there. Sunrise takes 5 minutes to set up and I've found it to be easy to adapt to, since most Calendar apps are fairly intuitive. A great addition for anyone wanting to see everything on one consolidated interface. Personally I use it for pulling in iOS Reminders... and the occasional Evernote Reminder. It's an option for those who really, really, really want to easily see Evernote Reminders in a Calendar and are willing to switch things up a (teeny) bit to achieve that. As I mentioned before, Sunrise pulls in your iCloud stuff, including iOS Reminders, which, strangely, Apple hasn't gotten around to yet. Lots of plusses all round for those who are up to trying it out.

    Thanks for that Frank.dg. I have tried Sunrise in the past. A nice app, but it has some limitations. For example, all Evernote notes are only 1-hour-long events and you cannot change it. It generates holes in my calendaring when I schedule 4 hours of work on a note. 

    Also, my target is to use as few apps as possible. I am tired of sync issues, different formats, discovering new workflows and limitations. One complete solution is the Holy Grail and Evernote is damn close to it for me when it comes to my work & life organisation. Thus, my little request.

  6. I think there should be no such discussion. Export to iCal is a basic feature. No magic discovery is required. The standard is like 20 years old.

    A small project that can work on all platforms and make lots lots of users happy (user forums are not even 0,001% of Evernote user base). What's not to like about it.


    For now, I:

    1. Open Evernote and Calendar together using Split View
    2. Drag a Note to a desired position in Calendar. Note's URL becomes Event's title.
    3. I cut the Note's URL and paste into the URL section of the Event.
    4. I copy Note's title into Event's title field.
    5. I set all other Event characteristics (duration, location, etc.).
    6. I save the Event.


  7. 6 hours ago, JMichaelTX said:

    It would be nice if Evernote did everything, but it does not.  In particular, it does a very poor job of task management and calendars/event management.

    1. Evernote doesmany things: note taking, scanning, OCRing, searching, presenting to name a few. I see nothing wrong in asking for more on a public forum. To be honest, if an app provides any time-related functionality (like reminders) a simple calendar feed should be standard feature accompanying this functionality. iCal is a standard format, so there is just one output required.
    2. There are plenty ways to handle tasks management in Evernote. From checkboxes within notes to using more advanced frameworks like the one I described here, one can use the app according to her needs. For me, Evernote is the best task management software in the world and I have tried many systems and apps.
    3. I see no reason to sign up for another app that charges even more than Evernote in my country for just one feature.
    4. Also, I am not sure this is the right forum to hard sell non-evernote software.
    5. Thanks for your kind answer though.
  8. If there was just one feature to be implemented in 2016 exporting Reminders to iCal would get my vote.

    Each notebook should come with a complimentary calendar feed which one should be able to subscribe to. 

    That's it. Nothing more is needed to make it a perfect app for a productive individual and team.

    I know there are some workarounds available but I am not interested in them. I want native solution.

    Evernote, get to work and deliver, please :)

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  9. So I purchased the cool Moleskine Journals with Smart Stickers.

    I set up the Smart Stickers' settings in my Galaxy Note 2 Evernote App.

    I made a note and put a sticker next to it.

    I took a picture with Page Camera (or Document Camera whatever its name is today).


    No tags were assigned automatically but I saved the note anyway. Nothing happened after syncing with the cloud. The note remains untagged both in my Android and Mac apps.


    What am I doing wrong?


  10. I find it weird that sharing to Evernote from Android Chrome just makes a bookmark.

    It is possible to get the whole page clipped via the Pocket app.

    In Chrome: Add to Pocket -> in Pocket: share to Evernote.

    Pagsles get clipped without pictures but with links to sources at the bottom.

    Can we have proper web clipping for Android Chrome without 3rd party apps?

    Or maybe it is possible to save entire page already?


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