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  1. I did try other apps such as Ulysses, but I find these too limited. I use Evernote for much more than just notes — I often create references and side notes with sketches and multi-level bullet points, and other writing apps simply don't cut it for me. And having my writings scattered in multiple apps doesn't help either.
  2. Hi, I used Evernote for all kinds of note taking, including writing short stories and poems. One feature that would be super helpful is a writer mode with the following features: distraction free full screen mode adjustable maximum text width to prevent lines from getting too long auto scrolling as you type margin notes commenting Either as a part of Evernote, or a companion app could be super helpful too. Thank you!
  3. Hi WishIWasFishin, I think the width of paragraph should be narrower (or be allowed to be user-adjusted to be so) automatically without having to enter hard returns. I'm attaching two images - one shows the current implementation where paragraphs become uncomfortably wide and one that shows my suggestion - narrower paragraphs so that it's easier to read and edit. Thank you. Wonil
  4. Dear Evernote, Thank you for such wonderful tool - it's an essential tool for my business. I have one suggestion - when you go into the full screen mode, the paragraphs become too wide to read and edit comfortably. I believe that there should be an option to set the width of the text on the screen in full screen mode. Thank you, Wonil
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