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  1. I'm been a Premium user almost since Evernote started. I accept that the company has a perfect right to develop a desktop client for Linux or not as they choose. Nevertheless I'm very disappointed that they choose not to. For at least 5 years I've resisted a permanent switch to Linux only because I haven't been prepared to abandon Evernote.


    Now that EN have changed from "no intentions at this stage" to giving the full finger to Linux users I'm abandoning my Premium account and making the switch to Linux.

    It would be interesting to find out how many other potential Linux users are not boosting the open source OS numbers purely because of Evernote.


    Evernote, please reconsider. I can't believe that it would be a huge job to produce a Linux client for a team which produced one for UNIX based OS X.


    Is the reluctance because Linux users are considered unlikely to pay for Premium services?


    This has been hashed, rehashed & re-rehashed.  It's a business decision & it's odd that that is perceived as "giving the full finger".  It's not b/c EN hates linux and/or linux users.  Anyone who dislikes the existing options (IE web client, Nixnote) can use the EN API to build their own linux client, if they'd like.

    Sure, its a business decision, and sure they can do whatever they want. But with enough squeky wheels they may find 1.) there is a big enough market out there and/or 2.) they are alienating a group of people and getting a bad corporate rep.

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