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  1. Still waiting for a reply regarding linespacing; please, Evernote team. Even "no, current linespacing isn't a bug and a linespacing setting won't be a added in the future" would be better than no reply.
  2. Well, yes, they are feature requests. But I wouldn't be asking for linespacing if it hadn't been changed in this version. I was perfectly fine with the previous, fixed spacing. Now I feel bugged whenever I look at my notes, and that's terrible for productivity. Notes also look extra-cramped because of the left columns' minimum width issue. I was already used to work with a fixed size window and a certain amount of visible text in my notes. Also, tables can no longer have other tables inside, which was a workaround for me to organize certain information without wasting note space. I like the new tables though, and I kind of expected them to be updated sometime. Can someone from the Evernote team address if there are any plans regarding linespacing, please?
  3. Does this "airy linespacing" issue only happen with free-flow text notes... or does the extra airiness also happen between bullets, checkbox, etc... lists? Will not update if the airiness is universal. Seems to be universal. Like Schooner suggested, a line spacing option would fix it.
  4. This update apparently added more spacing between lines. Now my paragraphs look larger and my otherwise small notes with many line breaks feel kind of crowded. Is this intended or is it a bug? If it's intended, is it possible to change line spacing? Or will it be possible in the future?
  5. +1 Multiple Evernote instances would be an excellent feature. I'm often working with several desktops at once and I need different filters for each.
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