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  1. Hi So the 'fix' (bodge) i have come up with for this is: 1. Email link to pocket (captures entire content and format of article) 2. Open pocket, send to evernote (sends all content and formatted article to specified notebook in evernote) 3. Delete / Archive in Pocket Adds an extra step, but it does what I need. paul
  2. Yes, but I don't want to have click the link. I want to be able to store the entire article rather than have to click the excerpt.
  3. HI David Thanks for the response, unfortunately as you say (and as I said in my original post) that method just saves an excerpt from the article, I'm looking for someone to help me understand how to put the solution I posted into action - which I know saves the entire article. paul
  4. Hi I'd be really grateful for any help someone can give implementing a solution I found to saving full articles from Flipboard to Evernote. We've all seen the Pocket + ITTT solution whereby you send a Flipboard article to Pocket and ITTTT sends it to Evernote, but that only pulls an excerpt and I want the full article. This solution I found seems to enable the saving of full articles: https://github.com/m00min/AddToEvernote However after trying for hours to get it to work, I'm admitting defeat and seeking help! - I set up a URL and hosting account, let's call it: www.myurl.com - I created a folder on that domain: www.myurl.com/evernote - I uploaded the add_to_en.php file from here https://github.com/m00min/AddToEvernote/blob/master/add_to_en.php - I edited and uploaded the settings.php file from here https://github.com/m00min/AddToEvernote/blob/master/settings.php - I tried to work out what, if anything to do with https://github.com/m00min/AddToEvernote/blob/master/css.php but couldn't see any instructions so just ignored it! Then I started to get lost: - I went to the IFTTT Webhook PHP Github page (https://github.com/captn3m0/ifttt-webhook) and tried to follow those instructions. - Changing the ifttt.com wordpress server to http://ifttt.captnemo.in was straightforward - I then uploaded the xmlrpc.php file (https://github.com/captn3m0/ifttt-webhook/blob/master/xmlrpc.php) to myurl.com (not sure if this was the right thing to do or not). On to the Emogrifier step: - I went to http://www.pelagodesign.com/sidecar/emogrifier/ - Couldn't find any PHP code. - Followed a link to https://github.com/jjriv/emogrifier - Uploaded composer.json as a PHP file to myurl.com (admittedly clutching at straws) I activated Pocket in ITTT and then tried to create a new recipe but got lost again. - I typed: “{{Url}}<a href="http://www.myurl.com/evernote/add_to_en.php?salt=password"></a>” but that didn't seem to be correct as the recipe failed. After reading up everywhere and trying everything I can think of, I'm throwing myself on the mercy of strangers. Would really appreciate any advice - trying to do this as a surprise gift to my wife who loves evernote and clipboard! Many thanks paul
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