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  1. I am a premium user, I have posted my comments on this and other blog and I find it amazing that the chiefs of this company are so adamant to cram v6 down our throats. I have never seen so many people of various backgrounds voicing their opinions against what Evernote did to Penultimate with v6. Overwhelming the feeling is that it was ruined. For Evernote not to provide both versions, to me means they have other motivations. Do they honesly think that people will use a product they don't like to use? IMHO I think there is a reluctance to offer v5 as it will mean failure for the people who
  2. Get rid of the zoom box or make it an option to use it or the original in-line zoom with a button to zoom in. Also add searchable check boxes so can add "To Do's" that are searchable in Evernote (just like One Note). Also bring back pages. I was using each page as notes for a particular project, then if I needed more pages for more notes I would just insert a new page - how can this be done with continuous scrolling?
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