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  1. No the solution is not dump penultimate but to return to penultimate 5.3.1. If you have never used 5.3.1 then you don't know how good an app it is. Bamboo is not even close in usability to 5.3.1. Maybe that is Evernotes plan - to wait it out until the 5.3.1 users go elsewhere and all that is left are users who only know the piece junk that is version 6. Erase the past and the future will think its great, kinda like the communist mentality.
  2. To BurgerNFries, a little arrogant aren't you. Maybe you should give up your moderator position if you can't act maturely.
  3. PENULTIMATE 5.3.1 dedicated users. Get the message out. Post on the Evernote Facebook page your displeasure of the Penultimate Version 6's. Keep up the pressure on Evernote.
  4. BurgersNFries, the wording may be harsh and yes possible slander, the claim that the app is award winning is not correct - not for the current V6.01. The awards are for the OLD VERSION 5.3.1.
  5. By Evernotes absence I fear they do not care about the product users. As another person posted, the only reason that these posts continue is that the previous version was so functional. By the way that Evernote released V6.0 and 6.01 they just do not get it or do not care about their customers. This is prime opportunity for another cloud based data storage company to come onto the scene with a note taking app very similar in function to Penultimate V5 and syncing that works. By the way, does anyone know where I can get 5.3.1? I managed to salvage 5.3 put would like to go back to 5.3.1
  6. I found 5.3.ipa and if could would post for others to use.
  7. Good comments, it appears however the EVERNOTE has turned off their hearing aid, the one that listens to customers. I echo your comment about 5.3.1 being intuitive to use, that is why I like it. Sure 5.3.1 did not have all the bells and whistles of the other apps but it worked and felt like taking notes with pen and paper. I am getting extremely frustrated and p__sed off at EVERNOTE with there absolute lack of acknowledgement that they screwed up.. Give us 5.3.1 back and make improvements to it. DO NOT cram a junk product down our throats - in the end you will lose.
  8. It is extremely disconcerting to hear of notes being lost, app crashing etc. This is the stuff of BETA versions not of full releases! Of extremely serious concern is the potential for the Evernote app and program to go the same route. If they can make a mess of a note taking app what could they do to Evernote? Maybe time to switch to Microsoft Onenote and Onedrive.....
  9. I am a premium user, I have posted my comments on this and other blog and I find it amazing that the chiefs of this company are so adamant to cram v6 down our throats. I have never seen so many people of various backgrounds voicing their opinions against what Evernote did to Penultimate with v6. Overwhelming the feeling is that it was ruined. For Evernote not to provide both versions, to me means they have other motivations. Do they honesly think that people will use a product they don't like to use? IMHO I think there is a reluctance to offer v5 as it will mean failure for the people who sold the executives on this new version, how does that translate - heads will roll....someone has to take the fall. So bailing out this new version is what is in the cards until the chiefs listen to their customers. I have managed to reinstall V5.3 so for the time being I am happy...until I predict, the functionality of V5.3 with Evernote will be seriously hampered.
  10. Get rid of the zoom box or make it an option to use it or the original in-line zoom with a button to zoom in. Also add searchable check boxes so can add "To Do's" that are searchable in Evernote (just like One Note). Also bring back pages. I was using each page as notes for a particular project, then if I needed more pages for more notes I would just insert a new page - how can this be done with continuous scrolling?
  11. YEAAAAA. I reinstalled Penultimate 5.3 from my Itunes computer account. Luckily it didn't update to 6. I have installed 6 thru the cloud. I am happy again!!! Hopefully others out there will be able to do this. Make sure you've synced with Evernote then delete Penultimate 6 from ipad and as a safeguard I did a reboot just to make sure 6 was gone. Connected to computer clicked install old Penultimate and I am now a happy guy. Evernote fix version 6, LEAVE THE INTERFACE THE SAME AS VERSION 5, add a button zoom in addition to the pinch out gesture, add a check box button so can search in Evernote for To Do's, add function that if you select a note in Evernote it will open your notes in Penultimate automatically (so don't have to open Penultimate to add to existing notes). And what is with the BIG round circles on the main screen in 6, those stupid things make it very difficult to find your notes. Whoever was behind the version 6 update should be fired!
  12. I am trying to like penultimate and evernote but there are some things lacking that is available in MS OneNote. add a tag box in penultimate that will allow searching in evernote. this way could write a to do list with a tag box beside. allow writing in evernote with the tag box. writing to text coversion in evernote (like OneNote). a magnifying button that will zoom in immediately to the next line.I have been using penultimate and although it is not feature rich the zoom and scroll allows me to actually take real time notes and pay attention to the conversation in the meeting. other apps are distracting and i find i am fooling around with the app more that actually taking notes - thus missing things. what i dont like is when penultimate notes are brought into evernote they are uneditable, just an image file basically. possibly a highlight or lasso function may work.
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