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  1. Anyone know if this change is included in the latest public update, 6.1.2 Public? (In the windows version of course)
  2. Great! Hopefully not long now for the full implementation. Thanks for the info.
  3. Any idea on when this update will roll out for windows? I saw how quickly it was fixed for mac and was hoping for the same love to windows. Thanks.
  4. I'm experiencing the same issue with ctrl-c on Win7 64 bit with version Public, but it happened on earlier versions as well. I just try to avoid the sequence, but when I forget it is so frustrating. It seems as though it gives me a pass the first time I press it, but the second time causes the crash. Usually I have something highlighted in a second non-evernote window I think is active wehn the vernote acutally is or I don't realize my finger is on c instead of v and hit it twice. A fix for this would really be nice.
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