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  1. To admin - you can close this topic as everything is OK after update of Evernote. Thanks all for help
  2. Hi, I hadn't much time but now I tried iTunes re-install but with now success. I try the official ticket as Scott suggested... So far I will be very glad for any other support or idea. Thanks a lot
  3. Hi, I have problem with my iphone Evernote last couple weeks or so. I can open the app, I can view all notes, I can edit them, I can change settings BUT I can't create any new note. No such problem on other devices. The app always freeze when I tap the plus button in my notes and also when I tap on any button which create the new note - text, camera, photos, reminder or list. Then only close the app and restart helps. My setting is: iphone 5S with 8GB free space, iOS7.1; Evernote Premium Monthly usage 732,5 KB of 1GB I also add my app log for further info. I've already tried: reboot, uninstall, clear the cache; uninstall+reboot+install, uninstall+reboot+install+reboot Does anybody have any idea what can I do to make it functional again? Please help. applog.txt
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