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  1. Thank you CaptainTime, that's really does help! Again, feeling very welcome and all the wiser... All best, Ella
  2. Hi gazumped, Thank you so much for your advice on this, and for welcoming me so kindly into the forum. Have a great weekend! Ella
  3. Hi there, I recently sought permissions from my company to download Evernote, and in the process of signing this off my bosses are wondering why I would need it – can our system not do this too?...if not, why aren't we all using it at the company?I am by no means an Evernote expert; I was simply hoping that – working in PR – it would help bring some more order to my personal output day-to-day. I am yet to find the app on my phone indispensable, and am in two minds about this: will it just be another account to manage, I wonder? In any case, I have been asked to explain what it provides that Gmail (and [internally] sharing files on the server) cannot. I was hoping for someone of worthier brain capacity than myself might be able to shed light on this: I have no idea about the usability of Evernote in my life, but would like to try it out. Any Evernote evangelists/sceptics who would like to provide some clarity for me out there? I'd be very grateful. Thank you, Ella
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