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  1. Entering tags, old and new tags, has been quite a battle for a long time. Here's what I've observed: Fairly frequently, but not always, when I type part of a tag into one of the tag input fields and stop part way through, what I've typed disappears. The little dropdown of matched/recommended tags usually remains. Sometimes my typed tag text disappears within a fraction of a second, leaving behind the dropdown, sometimes after a couple of seconds, and sometimes not at all. Sometimes Evernote's disappearing of typed tag text is so aggressive that I have to reenter the letters 5-6 times. I might start, for example, by typing "f", which shows all the tags starting with "f" in the dropdown. My "f" then disappears, so when I hit the next letter "o", I don't get the desired "fo", I only get "o" with a new dropdown of tags starting with "o". So I start again and maybe get to "foo" before my typed tag text disappears again, leaving a dropdown with all the tags starting with "foo", so when I hit "b" I don't end up with "foob", but only with with "b" and all the tags in the dropdown that start with "b". Eventually I'll manage to work my way up to "foobar", but it can take a few tries. Reinstalling Evernote doesn't help, and this seems to happen on both of my devices (2009 iMac and 2015 MacBook, both running El Capitan). It's also been the case for a long time – months, if not a couple of years. I've always assumed it was due to some glitchy feature of Evernote's, some kind of automatic resetting of input fields gone awry, and done my best to ignore it. However, it would be quite helpful if I didn't have to retype tags 2+ times.
  2. Same issue with Chrome for a few months now. It happens so regularly that I've gotten in the habit of automatically hitting enter after hitting the shortcut. Seems to only happen when using the keyboard shortcut - the button works fine. The problem is I like the shortcut more than the button. Also, the little screens that usually appears after hitting save (clipping…, synchronizing…) don't always appear anymore, although the page is saved.
  3. Here's what happened: I used the webclipper (Safari) to save the content of three Wikipedia articles and a PDF, and then I also forwarded an email with flight information to my EN email address. All of these items went to "Inbox", which is my default notebook. After editing the email in EN on my iMac, I synchronized my account. I didn't check the Wikipedia articles, so I don't know if they were okay or not, but the email was exactly where it should have been. I then opened Evernote on my iPad. While it was syncing I hit the little elephant head icon, in the upper left of the window, to navigate back to the main menu, at which point Evernote froze and crashed. After opening it again it continued syncing without any further complications. About an hour later I opened "Inbox" on my iPad and discovered the following: Two of the notes that should have contained the Wikipedia articles were completely empty, only the titles and meta-information were intact. The third article and the PDF were okay. Furthermore, the note with the email no longer contained the email, but instead contained one of the Wikipedia articles, minus the images. Does anyone have any idea how this happened, and how I can avoid it? Luckily I didn't lose anything important this time, but this kind of glitch could prove to be catastrophic in the future.
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