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  1. Entering tags, old and new tags, has been quite a battle for a long time. Here's what I've observed: Fairly frequently, but not always, when I type part of a tag into one of the tag input fields and stop part way through, what I've typed disappears. The little dropdown of matched/recommended tags usually remains. Sometimes my typed tag text disappears within a fraction of a second, leaving behind the dropdown, sometimes after a couple of seconds, and sometimes not at all. Sometimes Evernote's disappearing of typed tag text is so aggressive that I have to reenter the letters 5
  2. Same issue with Chrome for a few months now. It happens so regularly that I've gotten in the habit of automatically hitting enter after hitting the shortcut. Seems to only happen when using the keyboard shortcut - the button works fine. The problem is I like the shortcut more than the button. Also, the little screens that usually appears after hitting save (clipping…, synchronizing…) don't always appear anymore, although the page is saved.
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