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  1. Thanks for the reply, Dominik. I hadn't seen any activity from you on this thread since July 2012, and I thought the app might be dead / no longer developed. Even with OAuth, though, users are, in essence, giving complete access to their Evernote data to the app, right? I'm of course not implying that the app is misusing that data, but these days it's good to know when one is making a calculated choice to expose data. Thanks for helping me understand before I install. Related question...are you actively developing this app, and if so, are you going to be offering it via the Evernote Mark
  2. This app requires you to enter your Evernote username and password for sync (obviously). Does anyone know if this information is theoretically available to the developer, or if the EverNote API "hides" this info from the app and only the Evernote service and the API relay the account information. I really want this feature, but I am hestitant to enter a user name and password into an app that is not in the Evernote market and for which there is no identifiable information on the developer company provided at the above link. Thanks for any help.
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