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  1. Please please please enable us to nest table within other tables. This feature would greatly enhance content layout and organization on the page.
  2. Hi gazumped, My trash was already empty. But thanks for the tip, I'll remember for the future. Have a good day.
  3. Update... Okay, now the desktop quota and web quota match, all of a sudden. Just glad I can use the desktop version again.
  4. Well, not so much anymore. Not sure what's going on, but the reset wasn't permanent. BTW, I made no additions to either since my initial note dated 11-18-2016. The web version says " 60 MB (100%) remaining this month", but the desktop version says that the 60MB is all used up. What gives? Why does the web version conflict with the desktop version? Somebody, please help! Thanks.
  5. Thank you, DTLow! It worked. The reset took MUCH longer than usual, but it did eventually happen. Relieved. Have a good day.
  6. I hope someone at Evernote can help me. Yesterday, I went from a paid account back to Basic. Today, I'm told by the Evernote software that I maxxed out my 60MB limit with 29 days still remaining! I absolutely didn't upload anything close to 60MB. What's going on? I need to use my account. Please help me! Thanks.
  7. I like this idea for now. Thanks for this, Mr. Crockett. But Evernote developers... please enable better table editing. This should be a basic feature. Thank you.
  8. I also request enthusiastically that editing of tables be enabled. The more robust, the better, but I'll settle for just being able to adjust column widths. Please!
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