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  1. There doesn't seem to be any way to permanently dismiss the annoying little web clipper "nag" to "try it out" every time I navigate to a page with a PDF download or reader. Yes, we can click the X box, and the nag disappears. But it reappears persistently... even after we have "tried it out." We don't always want to use it. Give us a switch to permanently turn off the nags, at least after a "first-time" use. Thanks.
  2. As a long fan and member of Evernote, I'd like to request the ability to turn off the animated splashscreen upon startup. Makes me dizzy as the panels swim past my eyes, and, for that reason, slows my login. I'd also welcome a color-chooser tool in the toolbar at the top of every note (alongside the other formatting tools already there), rather than having to wait for the Apple chooser to be invoked. Even better would be the ability to "customize toolbar" as most other Mac applications allow. Thanks
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