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  1. Seems Simplified Article gives the same result as Clearly, with the added functionality of specifying notebook and tags.
  2. Nested tags is perfect, thanks! Lets me associate each note with the book it came from without having to include the title in every note and without creating a cluttered tag list. This is also perfect for tags related to specific topics in one or more books. Sticking with the earlier example, I could have an 'archery' parent tag and nest archery-related subject tags, such as 'stance', within it. Though as gazumped points out, titling can help limit the # of tags, but still, it would be nice to have tags for frequently referenced topics. Saved searches would accomplish the same task, but a nested tag doesn't seem to have any drawbacks relative to a saved search. Why do you tag every book note with 'book'? Why not just the title tag? You still have the benefit of all your title tags nested under 'book' without having to apply a useless second tag (i.e., 'book') to every note. I say it's 'useless' because when would you ever want to search on that tag as opposed to a title tag?
  3. I hate when companies do this. I don't use Facebook, and won't use sites that require me to use a Facebook login. I'd prefer to keep a separate login for Evernote.
  4. Is it possible to send an email to Evernote that goes directly into a local notebook?
  5. When a note is moved from a synced notebook to a non-synced notebook, is the note irretrievably erased from cloud storage?
  6. If I create a tag for every book title, I'll end up with dozens of tags just for book titles, which is why I was leaning against going that route. Also, a book title tag doesn't, in and of itself, lend itself to organization within the notes taken from a particular book. Obviously a TOC as I suggested above would handle that, but still leaves the issue of lots of tags. Good info on using note content searches and saved searches - that probably eliminates the need for extensive topic tagging. No, I'm not using EN to catalog books. I'm looking to organize the notes I've taken from books I've read.
  7. I was thinking I'd put the Title and Author in the table of contents (TOC) note for the book. Including the cover is a good idea, thanks. I see your point about title/author in each note because even with my TOC note organization, there is no obvious way to trace back from the note to which book it came from. Unless EN has a feature that allows you to search for notes that contain a link to the note in question? If it does, I could use that feature to trace a note of unknown origin back to the TOC for the book the note came from.
  8. I'm relatively new to EN and have a few hundred notes so far. I'm trying to minimize notebooks and rely more on tags as they seem to be far more powerful and flexible than notebooks. Only have 2 notebooks as of now - Inbox and Main. A specific area I could use some input on is organizing my notes on books. When reading non-fiction books aimed at skill development (e.g., improving archery skills), I often take notes. In EN, this might result in, for example, 50 EN notes. What are some ways to organize these EN notes? I like having a table of contents note which provides links to all the notes from a particular book. That seems preferable to having a tag for a book title or author, which doesn't allow for organization of the notes within a particular tag. Plus, using book titles or authors as tags can result in too many tags. And my thinking is I can create tags for particular topics discussed in a book that may also be discussed in other books that I've read and taken notes on. For example, if I've read several archery books, I can create a tag for 'stance' or 'sight alignment' that lets me see all the notes on that particular topic. The same tags would also apply to non-book based notes - for example, notes based on my personal observations or practice sessions. What about using the note title to organize these notes? Including the author or book title in every note seems like it could be cumbersome, plus it reduces the number of descriptive words I could otherwise put in the note title. I like the potential that using note titles has for reducing the need for dozens or hundreds of tags, but not sure how best to take advantage of this possibility. Any thoughts on the foregoing or other ideas on organizing notes based on books/readings?
  9. I have EN Windows on my desktop, as well as on a couple of mobile devices. Just wanted to make sure I'm understanding how EN works with respect to access on mobile devices w/o Premium. 1. The EN database is always accessible on the desktop, whether online or offline, because the database is stored there 2. Synced notebooks are accessible on mobile devices as long as the devices are online. Some notes may be accessible offline, but only if they happen to be in the cache 3. Changes to these offline cached notes will sync once online 4. EN Premium would save synced notebooks to all mobile devices, making them available when offline 5. Local (non-synced) notebooks can be created on any device and are stored only on that device (no cloud storage or storage on other devices) Does that all sound correct? What about notebooks and notes created on a mobile device? Without a Premium account, do these notes get transferred to the desktop database and removed from the mobile device (i.e., no permanent storage on the mobile device)?
  10. Yes, this is true. But I'm not trying to paste an entire map in one note. I'd like to have each node, starting from the lowest level nodes, dump its content into a separate note. For a map with hundreds of nodes, this is lot of copy/paste cycles. And I have lots of maps. I may just dump each map, or better yet, each top level node, into a note and then when I have to access the data, break out portions of it into separate notes. Not as clean as I would like, but it breaks down the herculean task of migrating all the map data into EN the way I would like it. And since the notes are still searchable, I'll be able to find what I'm looking for.
  11. Not a bad idea. Though the data loses it's content hierarchy (everything looks to be on the same level) and the hyperlinks. The former can probably be fixed by investing some time in manipulating the data in spreadsheet as you suggest. The missing links seems tougher.
  12. I'm new to Evernote and I understand that EN is great for collecting and retrieving notes. It seems like it can also be great for browsing notes if the user sets things up properly. In this video (starting at 1:15), the user describes a tagging system that allows him to browse his notes (as opposed to executing a search). Is this the preferred method of setting up a tag hierarchy that permits efficient notes browsing? Are there other setups that people prefer? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tubLiL1CJz8
  13. OK, I've discovered that I can email the Freeplane exported html file to my EN email and it will dump the entire contents into one note. It would be much better if it dump the highest nodes into separate notes, or even each node into a separate note. If that's not possible, it looks like I'm stuck with copying/pasting from this giant note into smaller notes that allow me to better organize the data. Not sure this is any easier than just copying/pasting from the mind map directly into EN and bypassing the email import of the html file.
  14. That seems like a useful way to keep track of mindmaps in EN going forward. But what I'm trying to accomplish is exporting my data from mindmap files into evernote. These mindmaps are more data repositories than they are brainstorming maps, which is why I'd like to manage this data in EN.
  15. I've been using Freeplane (Freemind spinoff) mind maps as a place to collect notes and ideas, but it seems Evernote is a better way to manage this, leaving mind mapping apps strictly for brainstorming. I've got several maps. Any suggestions on how to effectively (and with a minimum of pain) transfer the data from these maps into Evernote? I can export the mind map as a html or xml file, but not sure how to import that into EN. Also I'm not sure if html or xml export/import is the most effective way to accomplish the transfer.
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