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  1. GM, I concur with your thoughts on this issue. As I was reading, I was thinking to myself, "This is one of the reasons why I use local notebooks for personal info I wouldn't want anyone else to see/access" - and then I read about the incident in which local notebooks were getting synced to the cloud. Pretty scary for anyone who values privacy. I wish EN would let us know how exactly that happened and what kind of assurance they can give us that it won't happen again.
  2. Do you mind sharing what support said about this? Were they able to determine the root cause? I'm curious about this as well.
  3. As GM points out, DropBox holds the encryption keys, so if they get hacked and the keys are stolen, your data can be unencrypted. Or if the government wants to see everyone's data (which seems to be the way things are heading), DropBox can simply give them the keys. SpiderOak seems to be a better solution - zero knowledge encryption (you hold the keys). But DropBox is just a syncable file storage solution, at least in how I've been using it. It's not an information manager that lets me easily create and search my notes, clip info from the web, etc. I guess that's what I'm hoping for. I know some people use EN for some things, and ON for others, etc., but that seems like a lot of overhead to manage. EN is close enough for my purposes for right now. But with the various issues that are often discussed on this forum, lack of guidance re: EN's forward path apart from the CEO's talk about taking on MS Office (exactly the wrong direction from what I want in an information manager developed by a co with limited resources), their penchant for dropping features with no warning (e.g., public links), etc., I'm certainly keeping an eye out for other solutions. ON has made huge strides, and I'm sure EN's growth (and eventual/potential IPO) has not gone unnoticed, so I assume we will see more and more serious entrants in this space. As people are decreasingly tied to one job for decades, the demand for personal information management solutions is only going to increase.
  4. Onenote allows you to save a notebook on your computer only or to the cloud. The thing I've not figured out is how to make local backups of notebooks in the cloud. There is this thread, that I've not had time to study yet: http://windowsitpro.com/onenote/back-skydrive-hosted-onenote-notebooks# Onenote appears to use zero knowledge encryption b/c when I encrypted a notebook, it gives the message "If you lose or forget the password, Onenote cannot recover your data." OK, so similar ability to keep some of your data local and out of the cloud. And possibly better encryption of data that is stored on the cloud than EN is offering. I suspect EN will never offer zero knowledge encryption - their vision for information management seems incompatible with high levels of security; might be same for every company - everybody wants to mine your data, which is why local-only storage is likely the best option to keep your data secure. Of course that cuts against anywhere/any device access to data, but you can't have it all I suppose. Checked out the video tutorial JM posted. ON's webclipper looks horrible in comparison to EN's, but I'm sure they'll improve that relatively quickly. The tags feature makes little sense. Why not let users define the tags, and make them searchable. ON's editor is obviously in a different league from EN's, but it's almost too much for my purposes. A simple editor with maybe a few more features than EN's, and without the issues re: editing/indenting bulleted lists, as well as the Android app editor boogering up the note, and I'd be happy. And I'm disappointed that ON's tables don't support calculation functions. If I need to attach a spreadsheet for even basic calcs, EN can do that just fine. ON seems to be making progress, but from a quick peek, it's not sufficiently compelling for me to make the jump at this point. But after seeing (or rather, not seeing) EN's path forward and their seeming inability/disinterest in resolving even basic issues like the many editor quirks discussed ad nauseam on this forum, or readability (yes, I'm talking about the low contrast grey or light green text on white background), I am definitely keeping my eyes open for another horse.
  5. Can anyone bring me up to speed on OneNote data security? Does ON offer an option to store some of your data ONLY on your local drive, like EN does with local notebooks? Or does everything get stored to OneNote's cloud? For data that is stored to the cloud, is there a zero knowledge encryption option? Or do we have to trust MS, which is among the companies that have opened their kimonos to the NSA?
  6. Thanks, that's a useful feature, and worth having Clearly installed for, at least until the feature is integrated into Web Clipper.
  7. You can't exclude NB from a Search, but you can exclude Tags. So, as a work-around, you could assign a Tag to all Notes in the NB you want to exclude. The Tag Name could even be the same as the NB Name. Let's say the NB name is "Personal". So you create a Tag named "Personal", and assign to all Notes in the Personal NB. Then you could so a Search like this: "-tag:Personal" and whatever other Search terms you'd like. Thanks, that's a decent workaround. Edit: After tagging all the notes in the notebook, I wondered why I had created a separate notebook in the first place when a tag was sufficient. Notes dumped into main notebook and the unnecessary notebook deleted.
  8. Is it possible to exclude a notebook from a search. Using -notebook:NotebookName doesn't seem to work.
  9. Using your own tags as an example, if instead of using nested tags as you did, you created the following tags: Wine.CellarRed Wine.CellarWhite Wine.DrunkRed Wine.DrunkWhite In a new wine-related note, when you go to the tag field and start typing 'Wine', you get a drop down list of all your tags that begin with 'Wine'. That's what JMichael is doing with his SYM.<symbol> tagging. So his list looks something like: SYM.aapl SYM.msft SYM.intc SYM.goog And if your list of such tags is long and cluttering up your tag list, you can nest them all in a 'MyWines' or similar tag.
  10. I'm not sure if I'm understanding your issue properly, but couldn't you just put all the project notes into one notebook (as you're already doing) and skip tagging (at least for tags that all notes in that notebook are going to get) until the end? I.e., once you've got all the notes or you are finished with the project, select everything in the notebook and apply all the tags at once.
  11. I often use the Web Clipper's 'Article' selection as that seems to most often get the web page in the format/layout I want. The re-size up/down arrows work well, but sometimes I'd like a different selection than what I'm able to achieve. Is there any way to tweak the results obtained by the re-size up/down arrows?
  12. Just checked Clipper settings in Chrome. No option to send directly to desktop client. Seems you have to send the clipping to one of the synced notebooks. OP said he is using Mozilla. Sure. I was just observing that it seems no such setting is available in Chrome so that perhaps an EN employee would take note. Since the setting is available in FF, hopefully it will come to Chrome relatively soon.
  13. The FF clipper can send directly to your desktop client. You can set this in the clipper settings. You can then move the note to a local notebook, before your next sync, if it's not offered. Just checked Clipper settings in Chrome. No option to send directly to desktop client. Seems you have to send the clipping to one of the synced notebooks.
  14. Thanks. I'll try it. I think a video tutorial would be easier to follow for the person I'm trying to help. It's a bit dated, though, and the interface is now completely different. Yeah if the interface is quite a bit different, it will just add to the confusion and frustration.
  15. I agree that the ability to clip directly to a local notebook would be useful.
  16. Anyone seen a good youtube tutorial that covers the basics of note creation, tagging and searching for EN on iPad for folks who are very non-tech savvy? I'm trying to explain the basics over the phone to a relative, but you know how that goes. A video tutorial might be much easier.
  17. I use RTM and EN. I wish the EN logo link in a RTM task would open the EN note directly in EN desktop instead of a browser window. But since edits to the note in the browser window flow through to EN desktop, it's not a major complaint. On mobile devices, clicking on the EN logo link opens the EN native app, which is nice. I actually like RTM's 'sparse' web interface. It's too easy to get caught up in making task management complex and 'pretty' instead of focusing on just getting things done.
  18. Here's a comparison: First impressions: How Microsoft’s new OneNote stacks up against Evernote
  19. I am a huge fan of Tabs Outliner - it's an extension built for Chrome. I switched to Chrome just to be able to use Tabs Outliner. Youtube video overview.
  20. Plus, you can nest tags. OP, when I first started using Evernote, I, too, thought more hierarchy from notebooks (e.g., subnotebooks, notebooks, stacks, superstacks) would help with organization, but now that I have a better understanding of tags, I see they are more powerful and flexible than a rigid folder/notebook hierarchy. Now I just use 3 notebooks - Inbox, Local, Main, with an occasional temporary notebook for a new project, the notes in which get tagged and moved to Main (and the temp notebook deleted) once the project is completed.
  21. For those using EN and RTM, you can create a reminder for an EN note, and then in RTM, modify the reminder/task to recurring. Would that mess anything up on the EN side?
  22. Great app idea! It allows users to do some basic mind mapping with their EN data.
  23. The option to select an expiration date would be a useful addition. It's very easy to forget what you've shared and with whom. Much easier to select an expiration date at the time you initially share the link.
  24. Add me to the list of users who would like to see notebook level, zero knowledge, encryption. As we go down the path toward increasing surveillance (and a police state, all in the name of 'safety'), we cannot expect companies to resist government pressure to open the kimono, so zero knowledge encryption is a must. I'd still use local notebooks since we know that use of encryption itself is enough attract NSA surveillance and efforts to defeat your encryption. But it would be great to have the option to encrypt notebooks stored in the cloud that we need to access on a mobile device.
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