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  1. I wasn't aware that EN10 runs in a nested browser environment. That explains the right-click issue (an why it takes so long to load). Cheers.
  2. Pink Elephant: Thanks for educating us how to rename and delete stacks. General comment: Holy virgin mother of God. You've got to be kidding me. Those features couldn't be more buried in the UI if you planned it at the design stage. But wait! It's a brand new version, so this 'feature' was planned at the design stage! Hey Evernote team: 1. Some really nice features in version 10. However, you released version 10 way too soon without sufficient usability testing (as evidenced by the confusion here, and on other topics). As a former software exec, I have seen this all the time. The developer attitude is "let's make it cool!" instead of "let's make it work." 2. Bring back right-clicks in Windows. I'm reasonably certain that the right-click is a basic Microsoft Windows application development requirement (that has been ignored here). Cheers.
  3. If Windows 10 doesn't support dark mode, as purported by several Evernote replies to this topic, then how is it possible to configure the left panel as dark in the Windows client? Tools > Options > General > User Interface > 'left panel theme dark'? Perhaps Windows 10 only supports dark mode on the left vertical 1/5 of the screen? Indeed, this is a Windows OS design limitation. We're not getting honest answers from Evernote. The honest answers are: 1. This isn't a priority for the development engineers, who have other 'cool' features to pursue regardless of what users are asking for. (I have seen it 1000 times in SW development.) 2. We don't care because we don't need to. 3. See #1.
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