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  1. Thank you. There must be a document showing all the possibilties. Do you know where i can find it ?
  2. Thats great. thank you. is there a document showing what properties can be adjusted ?
  3. Thank you. Can you tell me the exact format needed ? or at least where i can find it ?
  4. How do I create a "G" drive connected to my google drive account ?
  5. Here is my file: { "dev": { "mainUrl": "http://localhost:3003", "isDebug": false, "isFleEnabled": true, "ceVersion": "", "isOfflineSearchEnabled": null, "isNapLoginEnabled": null, "tracingEnabled": false, "checkForLocalNotebooks": null, "isNetLogEnabled": null }, "general": { "defaultServiceHost": "https://www.evernote.com", "forceUpdateOnStart": true, "popupNoteWindowLimit": 20, "isSentryEnabled": true }, "qa": {} } I dont see anything about the select limit. Am I missing it ?
  6. I usually have about 10 notes open at a time. Sometimes my computer reboots (for an OS patch?) I would love a way to get the notes that were open to either reopen automatically or at least have a list of open notes at time of reboot.
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