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  1. I took a look. Thank you. Just wondering, on all of these tutorials they show web page screen shots/maps/pictures/etc on the note page. What do you have to do, just take screen shots or do you actually link web pages? I pasted a link and it's not displaying the actual web content, just the link....and you can't hyperlink with it. Confusing....
  2. So I just got a new Samsung with the Windows 8 platform, and it is accompanied by Evernote Touch. Problematically (and I know it's my fault), I find this program to be useless and counter-intuitive. I see all of the rich content in the tutorials with multi-purpose notes, tags, web pages, etc....but when I use the program I feel like its a fairly primitive word processor that is really hard to navigate. Is there a tutorial out there that will help so it proves this program to be as great as everyone says? Any help is appreciated.
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