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  1. It would be nice to have such functionality between the two, but setting up your own system can be pretty straight forward. I enter my notes into the native apple notes application throughout the day (unless something is really important, in which case I write it in my Franklin Planner) and at the end of my day I sit at my desk and go through my notes and just email them right into my evernote. My evernote email in my contacts is labeled .Evernote so it is on the very top so I do not have to search for it. With the ability to set the note title, notebook, and tags it's pretty fast and effective. Most notes can be sent in about 20 seconds or less. While this may seem like a pain, it is actually a good way to inadvertently review things and possibly add or remove ideas. (If you want to make it even more straight forward and are just using evernote for storage, just make one big giant note throughout your day so you only have to email it once, perhaps into a specific notebook and have the title be the date. With evernote search abilities you can find any and everything in an instant later on)
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